Improved! Process Customer Refunds for Connected Business 14

As businesses continue to look for ways to streamline their process, our developers are working hard to anticipate your CRM needs. Connected Business 14 now allows you to apply or allocate refunds onto existing customer credits directly from the Refund Form, creating a more efficient refund process.


To apply these transactions, first click Customer > Receipts > Customer Refund. The Customer window will display the list of customers under the Bill to Customers tab. Double click on the selected customer from the list. This will generate the Refund Form.

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The Refund Form displays a number of information, including Amount PaidPayment TypeDate Paid, and more. Payment Type is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the type of payment through which you will send your refund.

The bottom window of the Refund Form indicates the list of current Credits that a particular customer has. If you want the amount from the refund to cover any of these credits, you can tick as many of them as applicable.

Consequently, you can choose not to apply the refund to any of the credits and save refund as is. This will generate a separate set of documentation. After you're done filling in the form, click Save or Save and Close.

You can view the refund allocation from the Customer > Receipts > Customer Refund > Customer Refund History. You can also apply refunds to existing customer receipts, credit memos, and opening credits.

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Generating customer refunds may go hand in hand with creating Return Merchandize Authorizations (RMAs). Read our documentation on processing RMAs to find out more about this transaction.

Learn more about this process by reading the documentation on How to Process Customer Refunds for CB 14. Thank you for your time and have fun exploring Connected Business!