Inventory Management

Connected Business Provides Superior Inventory Management That Centralizes Inventory Data Across Your Internal Sales Channels (i.e. Phone, eCommerce, POS) In Real-Time. 

With Connected Business You Have Greater Control Over Your Inventory, Trends And Supply Chain Allowing You To Increase Inventory Turns And Return On Capital.


One "Source Of Truth" For All Of Your Product Data

With Connected Business All Of Your Product Information Is Centralized Making It Easy To Share Across Internal (eCommerce, Back Office, POS) And External Sales Channels.

  •  Real-Time Stock Availability Across All Internal Sales Channels
  •  Items Ordered Are Automatically "Allocated" Against Stock
  •  "Out Of Stock" Items Are Reserved Against Incoming Stock
  •  Share Real-Time Product Data With RESTful Web Services
  •  One Database. One Setup.

Support For A Wide Range Of Inventory Types

Connected Business Supports A Wide Range Of Inventory Types. As You Setup Items In The Core, They Work The Same In The eCommerce And POS Modules. No Uploads, No Downloads. No Connectors. 

  • Support For Stock, Non Stock, and Service Items
  • Support For Items With Different Attributes (i.e. Size, Color)
  • Support For Kit and Bundle Items
  • Support For Assembly Items
  • Support For Gift Cards And Certificates

Hassle-Free Item Creation

Connected Business Simplifies The Creation Of New Items. Our Easy To Use New Item Wizard Guides You Through The Creation Of New Items While Our Class Templates Fills In Frequently Used Data And Settings.

  • New Item Wizard Simplifies The Creating Of New Items
  • Customizable Item Templates Speed Data Entry
  • Copy Item To (Up To 50) New Items In A Batch
  • Easily Import New Items Via The Import Manager

Includes Advanced Inventory Features

Advanced Inventory Item Features That Are Missing Or Cost Extra In Other Solutions, Are Included In Connected Business. Features Work Across eCommerce and POS As Appropriate.

  • Units Of Measure (Optionally Show On eCommerce)
  • Serial / Lots Numbers (Optionally Scan In POS)
  • Support for Drop Ship And Special Order Items
  • Auto Creation of UPC Codes
  • Item Weight (Per Unit Of Measure)
  • Ability To Mark Item As "Prepackaged" For Shipping

Built-In Product Information Management

Our advanced features help you produce the most accurate financial statements possible. The tools simplify real world challenges such as accurate costing, budgeting, and changing global currencies.

  • Item HTML Descriptions That Can Easily Be Shared
  • Assign Multiple Product Categories And Departments
  • Add Filterable Product Specifications
  • Easily Upload And Share Product Images
  • Centralized Price Publishing

Keep Your Stock Accurate

Create unlimited custom financial statements with our easy to use financial layout designer. Reports can be easily printed or exported (i.e. Excel, PDF, etc.) as needed.

  • Works With Connected Warehouse (Included)
  • Stock Take Routine By Location
  • Support For Item Based Cycle Counts
  • Receive Goods Into Inventory Without The Final Bill
  • Easily Adjust Stock Quantities As Needed

Support For Lot And Serial Numbers

Connected Business Supports Items That Require You To Keep Track Of Its Serial Number Of Lot Number. This Feature Is Extended Across The Connected Business Solution Making It Easy To Keep Track Of Serial And Lot Numbers As They Are Received, Sold, Or Shipped.

  •  Keep Track Of Serial / Lot Numbers Received
  •  Keep Track Of Serial / Lot Numbers Sold
  •  Scan Barcoded Serial Numbers Into Connected Warehouse Or Connected Sale POS
  •  Record Serial Numbers In Sales Order / Invoice Screens

Support for Drop Ship And Special Order Items

Have Items That Are Shipped From Your Vendor Directly To Your Customer, Or Need To Special Order Items As Sales Are Made? No Problem, Connected Business Has You Covered. Setup An Item As Drop Ship Or Special Order And Connected Business Will Automatically Place Purchase Orders For These Items As You Receive Orders.

  • Flag Items As Drop Ship / Special Order
  • Create P.O.'s Via Drop Ship / Special Order Wizards
  • Drop Ship / Special Order P.O.'s / S.O.'s Are Automatically Linked

Support For Multiple Units Of Measure

Connected Business Offers A High-Degree Of Flexibility In The Management Of Product Units Of Measure (UofM). In Connected Business, UofM Can Be Defined On A Per Item Bases And Default UofM Can Be Assigned To Various Types Of Transactions. This Allows You To Sell, Purchase, And Ship In UofM Required. UofM Can Also Be Marked As “Prepackaged” With Its Dimensions And Weight, Allowing Our Shipping Module To Automatically Create Shipping Labels At The Time Shipment.

  • Sell By UofM Across Sales Channels
  • Price By UofM Across Cutomer Types
  • Apply Dimensions And Weight To UofM
  • Apply UPC Codes To UofM

Support For Accessory And Substitute Items

The Connected Business Inventory Module Allows You To Setup Accessory And Substitute Items For Every Product You Sell. This Allows Connected Business To Recommend Substitutes When An Item Is Out Of Stock Or Accessories When An Item Is Bought – Across All Of Your Sales Channels. Increase Customer Satisfaction, Delivery Performance And Revenue.

  • Setup An Unlimited Number Of Accessory Items
  • Setup An Unlimited Number Of Substitute Items
  • Display Substitute / Accessory Items On Website
  • Display Substitute / Accessory Items On Sales Order Screens

Support For Product Attributes / Filters

Connected Business Allows You To Define A Common Set Of Attributes Across The Items Of A Category, Then Populate With The Information That Is Unique To That Item. 

This Allows You To Display A “Specifications” Grid On Your Website As Well As Create An Attribution Filter On Your Website For Attributes You Have Identified As Filterable. 

To Speed Data Entry, Product Attributes Can Be Copied Between Individual Items Or An Entire Range Of Items.

Support For Multiple Product Categories

Connected Business Allows You To Assign Multiple Categories And Departments To Your Items. In Addition To Categorizing Your Items To Make Them Easy To Find Online, Categories Also Drive Options Related To Special Tax Rates, Special Customer Discounts, And Promotions.

  • Support For Unique Design, Skin, SEO, Per Category / Department
  • Special Tax Codes Per Category (i.e. Clothes) For TaxJar
  • Create Category Based Discount Bands
  • Assign Mutiple Category /  Department Per Item
  • Create Promotion Based Cateories (i.e Fathers Day Gifts)

Support For eCommerce Specific Selling Options (Multi-Store)

Connected Business Includes Inventory Management Features To Support The Selling Of The Same Item Through Multiple Web Stores. 

This Includes The Ability To Have Different Prices Per Web Store, Different Product Descriptions Per Web Store, Different Images Per Web Store, Etc.

  • Ability To Sell The Same Item Through Mutiple Web Stores
  • Ability To Set Inventory Specific Options Per Web Store
  • Ability To Set Inventory Specific Descriptions Per Web Store
  • Ability To Set Inventory Specific Pictures Per Web Store

Support For Multiple Selling Languages

Connected Business Includes Support For Selling Languages, Which Allows You To Setup Item Name And All Description Fields Of An Item Into Different Languages As Required.

Support For Multiple Suppliers

Connected Business Allows You To Have An Unlimited Number Of Suppliers For Each Of Your Inventory Items, Each With Their Own Pricing, Currency, Minimums, Purchasing UofM. This Allows You To Make Sure That You Are Always In Control Of Your Items Supply Chain.

  •  Ability To Assign Mutiple Suppliers To One Inventory Item
  •  Ability To Keep Track Of Your Cost "Per Supplier"
  •  Ability To Keep Track Of Lead Time Per Supplier Location

Support For Product Specific Taxation Rules

Connected Business Supports Special Tax Rules On A Per Product Basis When Using The Connected Business Sales Tax Calculation Engine Or On A Category Basis When Using A Sales Tax Services Like Taxjar For Your Calculations. Advanced Features Such As “Tax Overrides” Makes It Easy To Override A Tax Rule With A Product Specific One Based On Local Taxation Rules.

  • Support For Common Sales Tax Requirements Globally
  • Line Item Based Sales Taxes
  • Support for Special Taxation Rules (i.e. Tax Holidays)
  • Support for TaxJar Calculations And Reporting

Support For Assembly Items

Connected Business Support Assembly Items For Very Light Manufacturing. For Companies That Require More Powerful Assembly And Manufacturing Options, Third Party Software Vendors Have Created Advanced Assembly And MRP Features And Modules For Connected Business.

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