Sales Force Automation

Entice is designed to be an integral part of your Sales Force Automation efforts by helping your sales team understand how their leads, prospects, and accounts are interacting with both your digital communications and company websites. 

This empowers your sales team to focus sales efforts based expressed interests shown by the buyer.

Connected Business: Online Marketing

Supercharge Your Lead Qualification Process

With more and more business being done online, it is becoming increasingly difficult for sales teams to effectively interact with B2B buyers. 

This interaction is important as it not only drives B2B sales, but also provides the feedback companies need to spot trends early and adjust as needed. 

With Entice, your sales team not only has all contact information, but also visibility into how your contacts is interacting with your brands digital assets (web visits, submitted forms, opened emails, etc.). 

Entice provides your team with the tools they need in this digital age to create targeted campaigns qualify leads and move leads across stages, close more deals, and increase your revenue.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows you to assign points to each of your leads. 

These points can be added manually, or via interactions with your digital assets. 

This process helps your sales and marketing teams prioritize leads, respond to them appropriately, and increase the conversion rate in which leads become customers.

Automated Contact Segmentation

Entice makes it easy to organize your contacts in segments to automate the targeting of your digital messaging. 

Entice automates the management of segments based on the criteria you set. 

As contacts interact with your company, their segmentation will automatically change based on the criteria you set. 

This ensures that your contacts are always subscribed to the campaigns that are relevant to their interests. 

Targeted, personalized communications have never been easier…

Beautiful Email

Record Activities

Entice is designed to complement the Connected Business CRM functionalities by adding its own CRM-like features. 

One of those features is notes. 

Notes allows you to manually keep track of eMails, Calls and Meeting you have had with your contact. 

When combined with the available tracking details, you have a complete picture of how your company is interacting with your brand – both physically and digitally. 

This helps your sales team better manage customers and stay on top of communications and interactions.

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