Partner: Dimesoft Inc.

Acuant's Trusted Identity Platform provides complete identity verification based on your level of risk so you can build your business with valid customers. Powered by AI for the highest speed and accuracy, omnichannel products enable seamless customer experiences to increase conversions in the digital economy. Built to scale, be secure and meet compliance needs (KYC, AML & GDPR), Acuant allows businesses to establish trusted identities from any location in seconds

Acuant has grown dramatically since moving to Connected Business for both their corporate store eCommerce and ERP solution and now has several offices worldwide.

Mothers Nutritional Center

Partner: Dynamic Enterprise Technologies
Previous Solution: Sage 100

Mothers Nutritional Center was founded in 1995 by the Flores family who have been developing successful retail ventures since the 1970’s. 

Today, we continue to open stores located throughout Southern California. What helped it grow so fast? Simplicity in its concept of offering quality products matched with stellar customer service unknown in our industry. 

While our primary customers knew their favorite store would not be changing their ways, they could now tell their friends that cash, credit, debit sales and EBT transactions are here to stay.

Trailer Parts Depot

Partner: Dimesoft Inc.

Trailer Parts Depot was established in 2004 as an online e-commerce store. We supply both wholesale and retail customers and ship all over the world. 

Trailer Parts Depot prides itself in customer service and has an experienced staff to help with your trailer needs.

"By Using The Upsell Tools Built Into Connected Business, We Increased Our Average Order By $200 Since We Switched From QuickBooks. For Us, That's $3.9 Million A Year In Additional Sales! Our Biggest Regret Is Not Moving To Connected Business Sooner!"

Stargazer Originals

Partner: Dynamic Enterprise Technologies

We have exciting products that your customers will love! 

Shipments are sent to retailers across Canada, or for those in the GTA area purchases can be made in our warehouse. 

Coming to the Toronto Gift and Home Market? Stop by our warehouse while in the area - we are open extended hours during the show. We are open Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

Family Hospitality Group

Partner: Dimesoft Inc.

Family Hospitality Is Your Partner In Foodservice Success.

Families make up a large part of the food service business. But kids can’t sit still for long, so moms and dads may shorten their stay or cut back on eating out just to avoid the hassle. 

The result is less loyalty and fewer sales. But with our innovative, cutting-edge strategies, we can help you keep kids busy and parents happy, so families can relax, stay longer, visit more often, and spend more money at your restaurant. 

Family Hospitality has been using Connected Business for their eCommerce and ERP for several years and continue to grow their business each year.


Partner: Epcom Consulting Group

Duralec is a Chicago-based American electrical direct-to-contractor supplier of electrical components, with no storefronts. 

We provide a user-friendly online presence, with personal service and a range of quality electrical products, directly to America’s electricians and electrical contractors. 

We also work tirelessly to provide exceptional service by offering same day shipping on all orders placed before 3:30 pm and a customer service team available for your assistance from 7am to 5pm. 

Hot Shots Distributing

Partner: Dimesoft Inc.
Notable Add-Ins: WarehouseOS.
Video: WarehouseOS At Hot Shots

Hot Shots Distributing offers a wide variety of fiery products including hot sauces, barbecue sauces, spices, snack items, candies and much more! 

We look to provide a unique offering that evokes the passion of flavor and fire. Retail buyers choose Hot Shots because of our unique ability to attract fiery food consumers from around the world. 

We take great pride in our business, and we are committed to offering our retailers the best products and service at fair prices. 

Hot Shots Uses Connected Business For Their eCommerce And ERP. Hot Shots also uses WarehouseOS for their Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), which is fully integrated into Connected Business.

"For Us, Connected Business Is The Platform For Growth. Since Moving From Microsoft Dynamics NV Our Sales Have Increased From 50 Orders A Day To Over 6,000."

Atlas Railroad

Partner: Info Sourcing, Inc.

Atlas Railroad has been a leader in the world of model railroading for over 60 years. 

Atlas Railroad is a family-owned model train business that has its roots in model railroad track and accessory making through invention, innovation, and ingenuity. 

They currently manufacture track, locomotives, rolling stock, and structures in N, HO, O, and O-27 scales. 

Atlas Railroads has been a Connected Business customer for over eight years.

3N2 Sports


3N2 was born on the ballfield – the product of both experience and opportunity: The collective experience we share as die-hard softball and baseball players and the opportunity to fill a need. That need? Footwear designed by players, for players. Footwear that addresses the dynamic relationship between comfort and performance.


Previous Solution: Microsoft Dynamics AX / Magento

Allivet is the leading provider of quality pet medication, farm and ranch tools, hard to find pet medication and veterinary supplies for more than 25 years, to both domestic and international customers. 

Allivet has grown dramatically since moving to Connected Business for both their eCommerce and ERP solution and now has over 1 million customers worldwide.



Quality art has been at the core of our business for over 25 years. We've been providing thousands of t-shirt designs to major retailers across the nation. In fact, you’ve probably worn one of our designs before.

We've done our research and scoured the school fundraising market only to find terrible clip-art and mediocre designs. Tzilla is different. We’re producing T-shirt graphics with the quality you'd see from contemporary lifestyle brands. We're talking quality apparel your supporters will actually wanna wear.

The best part is, anyone can use our platform. With our diverse selection of customizable art templates, even your most computer illiterate friend or relative can design a T-shirt—it's that easy. 

Capri Designs


Over the years, Capri Designs has grown from a general sourcing business to a company focused on product styling and design for the gift industry, bringing products that fulfill a market demand and are trend-forward. 

Capri Designs Has Grown Substantially Since moving To Connected Business For Its Shopping Cart And ERP.

"We Switched From Netsuite And Couldn't Be Happier. We Are Saving Over $36,000/yr And Have More Control Over Our Web Store Than We Did Before..."

CWI Gifts / KP Creek


CWI Gifts has grown from a single storefront to a 240,000 square foot warehouse with over 100 employees. 

As a distributor, CWI has an expansive selection of products from over 100 vendors. CWI Gifts use Connected Business to help them offer multiple ways to shop, including online at shopcwi.com, cash and carry warehouse located in Groveport, OH (with Connected Business POS). They also have showrooms at popular trade marts. 

CWI uses the Connected Business Multi-Store Feature to offer specific Wholesale and Retail Websites, each customized to meet their exact needs. At CWI nearly every product can be purchased individually, or at discounted case pricing, making it easy to shop and save.

DJM Music / Tiger Music


DJM Music is a United Kingdom-based company that offers musical instruments, pro audio, books, education offerings, and gifts. They have used Connected Business for over eight years. They customized their Connected Business Shopping Cart to occasionally offer "flash deal" specials that have an expiration date and time that displays on the home page with a timer.

Expressions By Décor

Previous Solution: NetSuite

Expressions By Décor specializes in beautiful and unique home décor. They offer the following categories of products: accent furniture, lighting, accessories, and wall décor. They offer free shipping and other specials on their Connected Business Shopping Cart. They have supported their operation with Connected Business for over eight years.

"We Were Skeptical To Invest Into B2B eCommerce Based On Previous Failures. Since Moving To Connected Business Our B2B eCommerce Sales Have Grown From Under $500k/yr To Over $22 Million/yr In 3 Years."



Voltex Electrical Accessories is an Australian electrical and data direct-to-contractor supplier with no shopfronts, providing a user-friendly online presence, personal service, and a comprehensive range of high-quality products, directly to Australia's electricians. Voltex has customized the Connected Business Platform to create a Shopping Cart that promotes its products and services with special offers such as free shipping.

Checkout their very cool mobile app - https://www.voltexelectrical.com.au/t-voltexapp.aspx 

Buy Railings


BuyRailings.com is the #1 best seller of decorative railings in the USA. BuyRailings is a North American manufacturer and distributor offering a variety of consumer and commercial top quality products such as tubing, components for architectural railings, safety railings, kitchen, bar railings, closet hardware, and much more. Buy Railings uses Connected Business for its eCommerce and ERP and has grown substantially since switching to Connected Business.

Scanner Deals


Scanner Deals is a leading website for discount scanning hardware. 

"Every step I take and every feature I use, make me surprised again and again of how powerful this software is, yet easy to use and navigate. It is so vast and so complex with enormous abilities. Every time I try to make my site better, I find out that what I am trying to do is possible. Our site scanner.deals is a new Connected Business site. We moved from another system and never look back."

- Scanner.Deals team

"When The Pandemic Struck, We Thought We Are Going To Need To Close The Business. Instead We Turned On The Warehouse Pickup Option Inside Connected Business And Our eCommerce Sales More Than Doubled..."

Sentinel Group PTY LTD


Since 2004 Sentinel has been designing and supplying specialized fasteners for a wide range of industries, including Correctional Facilities, Government Institutions, Railways, Street Furniture, Playgrounds, Solar, Electronics, Manufacturing and many more. Headquartered in Australia, Sentinel has been a Connected Customer for many years. As their business grew, they used the Connected Business Platform to implement changes that supported their growth.

Gear Express


Gear Express is the home of climbing. All products and services they sell support climbing. Their products include accessories for climbing, such as many varieties of harnesses, ropes, and shoes. They offer free shipping for all orders from the shopping cart over $50. They also have special offers on their website from time to time. They use Magento for their webstore and Connected Business as their ERP.

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