Customer Service Management

Connected Business Includes Unified CRM Customer Support Management (CSM) Tools That Empowers Your Entire Team When Assisting Customers Across Sales Channels.

Customer History, Order History, Contact History As Well As Internal Processes Are All Centralized So That Your Team Can Provide The Quality Customer Service That Builds Long Term Trust And Brand Loyalty.

Connected Core ERP: CRM Customer Service Management

Key Customer Service Management Benefits

Centralize Your Customer Data

Having One “Source Of Truth” Greatly Simplifies Resolving Customer Issues.

View Your Customer Data In Real-Time

No Need To Search Through Multiple “Data Islands” To Solve Customer Issues.

Support Customers Across Sales Channels

Our Live Chat Allows You To Add / Remove Cart Items And Checkout For The Customer.

Build Brand Loyalty That Last

Only Connected Business Gives Your Customers The “Amazon Like" Experience They Want.

Customer Service That Builds Trust And Loyalty

Connected Business Gives Your Team The Tools They Need To Provide Excellent Customer Service (Across Sales Channels) At The Time Of The Sale, And After. 

  •  Everything In One Place
  •  Full Access To All Relevant Information
  •  Built-In Cases, To-Do’s And Follow up Activities
  •  Built-In Live Support

Centralized Customer Data Speeds Customer Service Response And Resolution 

With All Ecommerce, Order, Fulfillment, Payment, Inventory, Shipping And Return Information In One Place – Your Customer Services Team Can Quickly And Easily Resolve Any Issues That May Arise. Compare Our Approach To Solutions That Split Out These Processes And Is Clear That There Is No Comparison. 

  • Gives A 360° View Of Customers, Orders, Processes
  • Easily Handle Return Requests, Exchanges, And Order Inquiries
  • Easily Handle Call In Payments And Account Inquiries
  • Customize Customer Service Team Screens, Rights

Give Your Website The Human Touch With Our Live Chat And Live Support Modules

Interact With Your Online Customers Using The Connected Business Live Chat And Live Support Modules. Be There To Assist When Your Customers Place An Online Order, Reducing Returns, Shopping Cart Abandonment And Improving Your Customer Service Efforts.

  • Live Chat To Track And Communicate With Online Buyers
  • Live Support To Takeover (Add/Remove/Checkout) The Cart
  • Reduce Returns / Cart Abandonment 
  • Human Interaction Builds Confidence In Your Brand

Case Management

Track Progress With Customer Issues By Documenting  Each Step Through A Case. Close The Case When Complete.

  • Case Management & Escalation
  • Link Cases To Items for Analyses
  • Create Templates To Automate Common Questions
  • Works In eCommerce Module As Well

Easily Handle Return Requests, In All Direct Sales Channels

Connected Business Streamlines The Return Process Whether It Is Initiated Online, Over The Phone, Or At Your Store. Supports Options To Exchange, Refund, Or Apply Credit Balances To Open Invoices.

  • Option To Initiate RMA Requests Online
  • Returns Automatically Reduce Loyaty Point Balances 
  • Credits Can Be Refunded, Applied To Open Invoices, Or On Accounts
  • Open Credits Can Applied To Online Transnactions

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