eCommerce Overview

Unlike Most ERP Solutions, Connected Business Was Designed With eCommerce In Mind. Our Included eCommerce Module Was Co-Developed With One Of The Leading eCommerce Cart Companies In The World And Is Fully Unified With The Rest Of Your Business In Real-Time. This Allows You To Give Your Buyers A Better Shopping Experience With 100% Accurate Stock Availability And Faster Shipping

Already Have An Ecommerce Platform You Want To Use? No Problem, Connected Business Has Connectors To All Major Shopping Carts.

Connected eCommerce: ECOMMERCE OVERVIEW

Discover The Fully Unified eCommerce Difference

With Connected Business The ERP And Ecommerce Are Fully Unified. This Means They Are Both Part Of The Same Solution Using A Common Database And Business Logic. As Things Change In The ERP, The Ecommerce Changes As Well – And Vice Versa. This Allows You To Provide Your Customers With Accurate, Real-Time Data Across All Of Your Internal Sales Channels. 

Ditch The Messy “Connectors” Stand Alone Ecommerce Solutions Require And Give Your Buyers A Better Buying Experience With Real-Time Data They Can Trust.

  •  Real-Time Stock Availability Across All Internal Sales Channels
  •  Real-Time Orders Allows You To Ship Faster
  •  No Errors Caused By The Uploading / Downloading Of Data
  •  Automatically Share Promotions / Coupons Across Sales Channels
  •  Display Customer Purchases Across All Sales Channels.

Everything Real-Time. Earn Your Buyers Trust.

Nothing Will Damage A Buyers Confidence In Your Company / Brand More Than Taking An Online Order For A “In Stock” Product, Only To Notify The Buyer Later That The Product Is Not Actually In Stock. 

Unlike Solutions That Periodically Synchronize Inventory Quantities, Connected Business Always Displays Your Exact Inventory Quantities At The Time Of The Sale And Rechecks It Again When The Order Is Submitted. 

Connected Business Ensures That Your Buyers Have A Positive Experience With Your Company / Brand That Will Drive Repeat Business And Positive, Five-Star Reviews.

"Gone are the days when you could run your online store as a separate business. The siloed approach creates a disjointed customer experience, causing friction and disappointment."

- Forrester Research

Run Multiple Web Stores From One Source Of Truth

Need to sell across multiple websites? No problem, Connected Business makes it easy. With Connected Business you can setup as many websites as you need - each with their own branding, pricing, products etc.

  •  Shared Or Unique Products Per Website
  •  Custom Pricing Per Website
  •  Custom Branding Per Website (Emails, Shipping Labels, etc)
  •  Setup Different Payment / Shipping Terms By Website

Give Buyers A Consistent Shopping Experience Across All Internal Sales Channels

Today’s Buyers Expect A Consistent Shopping Experience Between Sales Channels. A 2019 Survey Found That 75% Percent Of Buyers Expect A Consistent Experiences Across Multiple Channels (Web, Mobile, In-Person, Social), And That 73% Are Open To Discovering New Suppliers / Brands If They Don’t Get It.

As eCommerce Sales Continues To Increase, Providing Buyers With A Consistent Shopping Experience Is Important To Not Only Buyers, But Also To Sellers Who Must Provide This Service To Remain Competitive.

  •  Consistent Pricing Across Sales Channels (Including Negotiated Pricing)
  •  Consistent Promotions / Coupons Across Sales Channels
  •  Consistent Inventory Availability Across Sales Channels
  •  Ability To View Sale History In Customer Web Portal Across All Sales Channels

“Inventory Accuracy is the cornerstone to success. Its a bedrock topic to improving service levels, reducing lead times, increasing margins, improving efficiencies, reducing inventory levels...and the list goes on."

- Lisa Anderson, Tips for Physical Inventory Success, LMA Consulting Group

Upsell And Increase Your Average eCommerce Order Size

Connected Business Includes Upsell Tools To Help Suggest Alternatives On Out Of Stock Products As Well As Accessories To Products That A Buyer Has Purchased, Or Is Considering Purchasing. 

Furthermore, Connected Business Includes A Powerful “People Who Have Bought This, Have Also Bought That” Feature That Shows Suggested Products Based On Buying Patterns. Since Connected Business Is Analyzing The Buying Patters Across All Of Your Sales Channels, It Can More Accurately Make The Right Suggestion.

  •  Direct Buyers Into In-Stock Products
  •  Upsell Buyers With Accessory Products
  •  Upsell Buyers With Complimentary Products

Support For Multiple Languages

Connected Business Supports Multiple Language In The Categories, Departments, Products, Topic Pages, As Well As In The System Defined “Front End” Text. This Is Accomplished By Modifying The Ecommerce Modules String Resource Files. You Can Also Use This Feature To Modify The Values That The Website Shows According To Your Exact Requirements.

  •  Add Languages To Your Website As Needed
  •  Allow Users To Change Languages "On The Fly"
  •  Modify Existing "Front End" System Labels Bu Modifying The String Resource Files

Support For Multiple Locations