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Every business has its own unique requirements and processes that others may not need. Add-ins for Connected Business allows for our users to do even more and target their business' special needs. We have developer partners that cater for creating specific features to maximize the power of Connected Business' integrated solution.

Connected Business Add Ins

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

The Connected Business MRP Package allows customers who use Connected Business to produce Works Orders and manage the building of products from the Sales Order,  through Assemblies,Sub-Assemblies, Items, Labor, Completion and Dispatch.

  • Uses all the ERP Benefits  & Features of Connected Business
  • Simple,yet Comprehensive
  • Caters for Assemblies with multiple Sub-Assemblies and numerous products
  • Can create Works Order direct from the Sales Order
  • Color highlighting of items not in stock
  • Flexibility to allocate Stock or move stock to WIP Warehouse
  • Flexible Reporting using Connected Business Report Writer & Views
  • Assign stock to Days,Select Sequencing and Multiple Production Lines
  • View Unassigned Works Orders
  • Easily find where a particular product is used
  • Ability to Reverse Allocations or Stock Assigned to WIP Warehouse
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Preferences Options for more Flexibility

Product Checker

It is very easy for busy individuals to miss vital information on a product,category or images etc.The aim of Product Checker is to make the missing information easier to spot without spending a lot of time browsing web pages or getting customer complaints. Product Checker shows all of the products in one screen with all of the relevant information. It allows one click access straight into the products to make edits or additions.

From the main results screen you can check if products have all the following data.

  • List of images attached to products
  • Meta Details
  • Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Categories
  • Departments
  • Manufacturer
  • Item Codes


The most important part of an eCommerce system is the ability for customers to find your site and the right page. Expensive ways to ensure this are Pay Per Click (PPC} or through online advertising, the inexpensive and best way is to ensure good Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Every page withinyour website in Connected Business has the ability to contain parts of the SEO alograthim including Page Title,Keywords and Page Description. Enteringthis into the correct fields could potentially take days or even weeks. The new Automatic SEQ toolintelliSEO actually populates allof these sections in minutes by takingthe information from the Item descriptions,Categories,Manufacturers etc to help build the overall Optimisation.It can be run at any time should a product description change or a new product is added.

  • Fully Integrated with Connected Business
  • Automatically SEO products, Categories,Departments & Manufacturers
  • Prefix & Suffix all pages withpreferred information
  • Apply SEO to all products or just to new products
  • Compose Page Title, Meta Keywords, Description,  Image Alt Text & No Scripts

Monthly Chart of Accounts

Our Monthly Chart of Accounts program allows Financial Managers the ability to look at the financial figures over selectable periods with Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. We have options to show All Months, Totals Only and Whole Numbers, Export to Excel across variable financial years. With Budgets and Last Year Actuals we can show Variance Amounts and Percentage Variances. The Financial layouts can be amended if required.

Running Balances

This Running Balance Plugin for customers allows a more traditional look at a customer’s accounts showing all the customers transactions in date order but with a running balance down the right hand side. It comes complete with the forms and views for a running balance Statement.

SMS Integration

The SMS plugin can be used with many gateways and can be easily amended to include any other API's to send SMS messages to customers, contacts, leads, prospects and suppliers. We can create messages that can include information from views in Connected Business like Customer  Balance, Address,Telephone Number, Receipt Amount and Transaction Date etc.

Messages can be sent in bulk or individually depending on selection. For example, send a Thank You to everyone who paid their balance today who has a mobile number. Specific requirements can also be included by our team of programmers if required.

  • Definable message templates
  • Send messages out from our target lists.
  • Keep track of all messages sent to all the relevant contacts.
  • Send SMS over the internet so no hardware is required.
  • Returned texts can be stored in a file so they can be responded to as required.

Telephone Integration

The Connected Business Telephone Integration Package allows customers to enhance their experience of Connected Business and also to improve their customers experience. The telephone integrates with the Connected Business database of phone numbers and will display the customer’s name and details when they phone in by poppingan interactive information screen. This allows staff to know who they are talking to and account information without a long Iist of qualifying questions.

The ability to ring a customer/supplier with a click also reduces errors and increases staff performance.  CaII tracking and analysis can also be achieved using the software.

  • Fully Integrated with Connected Business
  • Analogue or TAPI integration
  • DiaI  out from Connected Business from Customers, Suppliers, Contacts, Leads, and Prospects
  • Track your incoming and outgoing telephone calls {number of calls, call duration, call notes, etc.)
  • Know immediately who's calling when you pickup the phone,outstandingbalances,etc.
  • Review all your calls on one screen. Sort by Date, Customer, Call Direction,etc.
  • Export to file as required
  • Match calls to your database after adding numbers to contacts
  • Enter comments in withheld numbers and allocate to customer as required

Trade Counter

The Trade Counter Plugin for Connected Business is a robust smart integration front end EPOS best suited to businesses that are supplying products to the trade and where discretion is allowed to the sales assistants to view cost,amend margin by amounts or percentage,and change inclusive of Vat prices. It has been used by Building Suppliers, Tyre Companies etc for their EPOS Solution.

  • EPOS
  • Discounts / Inclusive / Exclusive Pricing
  • Customer Special Pricing
  • Customer Histories / RecentSales / Pay off Accounts
  • Fully integrated with Connected Business
  • Stock
  • Reporting
  • Back office functionality
  • Touch screen
  • Receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Till drawer
  • Swipe cards
  • Pole displays

Connected Business Advanced Serial Number Tracking

Connected Business Advanced Serial Tracking plugin allows connected business application users to manage serialized inventory tracking with advanced manufacturer serial number tracking

We automate the process of being able to track all your serial inventory from purchasing to sales so you can avoid costly mistake while doing returns, refunds or warranty of the product. 

Advanced serial tracking offers following features

  • Full integrated serial number tracking within Connected Business
  • Inventory management of serialized inventory
  • Recieve goods and allocate serial numbers
  • Search your inventory by serial numbers history

Find Serial

Quickly search and locate based on serial number, you can additional search on inventory item code to locate an item. Recieve serialized inventory and update your stock during purchase reciept process.

Sales Invoice

Selling made easy, it let's you pick and choose specific serialized inventory item during allocation.

Serial Tracking

Serial number history is kept track of when the item was purchased, to whom it was sold and what products are in stock, a clear way to identify and track all your inventory.

Serial Number Tracking Benefits

  • Track all your Serialized Inventory from Purchase to Sale
  • Ability to look up by Manufacturer Serial number
  • Example – Trailers VIN #, Hard Disk Serial # and many more items
  • Sell serialized inventory items with easy
  • No setup required, just CB plugin
  • Track all emails, phone calls, notes, tasks and activities with customers and vendors all across the application.
  • Updates all your Accounting and Inventory entries including Debit and Credit memo’s
  • Reduce paper work, improves productivity

Social Plugin

Social Plugin helps you to distribute content across multiple social networks and platforms which drive traffic to your store. It display sharing buttons on product page to encourage users to share directly to their social networks. In addition, it add "Social" to menu that displays the post related to your store on social network.

Automated Data Analytics
for Your ERP

Optimize the full value of your ERP data with real-time, self-service analytics from Anvizent. Anvizent is a fully integrated end-to-end analytics solution that is purpose built for manufacturing companies. Built on patent pending automated data warehousing technology, Anvizent integrates ERP data and other enterprise data into one platform, letting users access and analyze data in real-time through 100+ pre-built manufacturing industry specific dashboards. There’s no programming, no manual data preparation and no waiting for reports and dashboards. Anvizent comes pre-integrated with 50+ ERP systems, making it easy for users to get up and running in quick time.


  • Get instant insights for your Priority ERP data – No coding or data preparation necessary
  • Blend Priority ERP data and other enterprise data for a unified view of business
  • Monitor business performance at your fingertips with 100+ pre-built manufacturing industry specific dashboards
  • Keep track of your entire sales cycle – from quotes to shipment
  • Stay up to date on delivery performance, order fulfillment, customer returns and more.
  • Analyze inventory levels to identify what is fast moving, slow moving, excess, and obsolete
  • Stay on top of production schedules, work order status, scrap, machine utilization and other key production variables
  • Understand revenues, expenses, margins and cash flow across products and business units.
  • And more

Brandwise: Modern Sales Software

Brandwise, Inc., an application service provider, provides hosted software solutions to manufacturers and their sales channels.


  • Enable sales representatives to sell online as effective as they sell in person
  • Track, manage and automate commission for hassle-free back office operations
  • Process orders electronically with maximum efficiency and reduce errors
  • In depth sales analytics and business intelligence that contribute to business growth
  • A fully integrated, enterprise sales software solution for Suppliers and Sales Agencies that aim to grow their business
  • A fully integrated, enterprise sales software solution for Sales Agencies that want to grow their business

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