Creating Content Pages & Product Pages With Ease

Designing and publishing your own marketing, information, and product pages has never been easier and, dare we say, fun! 

Connected eCommerce: Web Page Management 

Convey Your Messages, Market Your Products Your Way. Your Style.

Ready Made Designs Available

We Have Pre-Built Design Packages Available for Use.

Responsive Web Design

Our Page Designers Are Built To Adapt To Any Screen Sizes.

Programming Skills Not Required

Anyone Can Use - From a Pro to a Simple "Word Processor" Guy.

Create Beautiful Content Pages To Attract More Customers.

Our Page Manager allows you to publish web pages with ease using beautiful pre-built snippets for compelling and professional looking site.

  • Drag & drop pre-built snippet blocks 
  • Asset management for uploading images
  • Comprehensive SEO Data
  • Edit code for web programmers

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Page Manager Screens

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Close The Deal With Your Product Display

Connected Business eCommerce Menu Builder helps you add, edit, duplicate and delete menu without having to edit the HTML codes.

  • Drag & drop menu items to order and nesting
  • Edit text, link and target windows
  • Create and maintain several menu for your skin
  • Design packages allow for dynamic menu
Talk to an expert

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Product Manager Screens

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Express Yourself and Gain More Followers Through Blogs

Add a more personal and casual touch to your marketing literature. Write and publish blogs where your followeres can interact.

  • Simple and easy to use editor 
  • Arrange articles by categories and tags
  • Allow readers to send comments

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Blog Manager Screens

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