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Connected Business: EDITIONS AND PRICING

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Accounting Key Features

Powerful Financial Layout Designer
Unlimited Account Codes
Support For Basic Or Segmented Financial Codes
User Definable Account Code Segments
Bank Account Balance Tied To Financials
Journals Taxable Or Non-Taxable
Journal Templates By Percentage Or Value
Prepayments Routine
Accruals Routine
Customer And Supplier Contras
Bad Debt Provision Routine
Multi-Currency Revaluation Routine – This Routine Will Revalue Customers, Suppliers And Bank Accounts.
Post By Transaction Or By Batch
Budgets To Compare With Actuals
Recurring Journal Routine
Stock Revaluation Routine – Reconcile Costing Differences Between Purchases And Bills.
Month End Wizard Prompts The User To Take Reports And Post Items.
Month End Log So Can Reprint The Reports As Saved In PDF
Period Based Accounting With User Definable Periods.
Comprehesive Audit Trail Enquiry
Prior Year Adjustments So You Can Post Into The Last Closed Fiscal Year
Support For Taxable / Non-Taxable Customers (By Ship-to)
Support For Taxable / Non-Taxable Items
Support For Lineitem Taxation
Support For Sales Tax Classification Codes
Support For VAT / GST Taxes
Support For Sales Tax Holidays
Includes Sales Tax Rate For Every U.S. Postal Code
Support For Zip+4 Taxation
Support For TaxJar Sales Tax Caculation Engine Across All Internal Sales Channels
Support For TaxJar Marketplace Facilitator Laws
Support For TaxJar Auto Filing
Easily View "Retrospective" A/R And A/P Data
Support For Custom Or Autogenerated Financial Reports
Ability To Breakout Financial Reports By Location Or Cost Center
Compare Financial Reports To Budgets Or Previous Year
Create A Unlimited Number Of Financial Reports
Add Your Own Groups And Summarize Account Activity
Easily View Unreported Accounts

ERP Key Features

Unlimited Number Of Customers
Unlimited Number Of Customer Ship-To's
Centralized View Of Customer Activities And Transactions
Unique Payment Terms, Shipping Methods, Taxation Rules, Sales Rep By Ship-To
Ability To Save Credit Cards (PCI Compliant)
Ability To Assign Loyatlty Points
Ability To Assign Loyalty Points
Ability To Assign Third Party Shipping Accounts
Ability To Verify Address (Requires UPS, FedEx or USPS Account)
Unlimited Contacts Split By Ship-to
Ability To Manage Customers eCommerce Login / Reset Passwords
Full Notes, Email, Activity, Opportunity And Document History Per Contact
Custom Pricing, Multi-Level Breaks And Promotional Pricing
Easily View Transaction History With Attachment Drill Down
Track A/R Balances And Disputes
Easily View Recent Sales - Cross Sell Up Sell Opportunities (Like Amazon’s People Who Bought This Also Bought That)
Customer Sales Quotes / Order Processing
Sell Stock, Non-Stock And Labor Items
Special Selling Interface For Matrix Items (I.E Sizes, Colors)
Special Selling Interface For Kit Items
Special Selling Interface For Bundled Items
Support For Serial And Lot Numbers
Accrue Or Redeem Loyalty Points Per Order
Sell Or Redeem Gift Cards / Certificates Per Order
Automated Allocation And Reservation Of Items
Automatically View Substitutes Of Out Of Stock Products
Upsell Tools: Accessories, People Who Bought This Also Bought...
Taxation, Shipping Dates, Warehouse Per Line Item
Drop Ship Option By Item Line (Defaults From Item Set-Up)
Allow Back Order Option Per Order (Defaults From Customer Set-Up)
Allow Multiple Payments To Be Made Against An Order
Process Credit Cards With The Sales Orders
Audit Trial To See Who Has Done What Per Order
Ability To View / Reserve Stock Qty Based On Incoming Purchases.
Optional Workflow Options (i.e. credit approval)
Printing Orders / Picking Tickets Individually Or In Batches
Print Picking Tickets By Shipping Date / Fill Rate
Ability To Assign Serial / Lot Numbers On Order Entry
Feature 1
Pricing Methods Are Numerous And Simple To Implement Like As Defaults Combined With Mark-Up % On Last Cost Or A Pricing Cost, Product Group Discount, Last Price They Paid, Or Special Price Lists With Qty Breaks, Promotional Pricing, Specific Customer Prcing (And more...) Pricing On Specific Items.
Simple Retail / Wholesale Pricing
Customer Based Pricing Options; Markup On Last Cost, Last Price Paid, Price Lists (With Quantity Discounts), Negotiated Pricing (With Start / End Dates)
Customer Discount Options; Overall Percentage Discount, Discount Percentage By Item Category
Promotional (Sale) Pricing By Date And time (i.e. 2 Hour Flash Sale)
Coupon (% Discount, Flat Discount, Free Shipping, Limited Use Coupons, Etc)
All Pricing, Discounts, Coupons Work Across All Internal Sales Channels (i.e. POS and eCommerce Sites)
Simple Repricing Wizards With Option To Export / Import From Excel
Support For Multi-Currency Price Lists
Works With Any Merchanbt Account
Save Credit Cards For Future Use In PCI Compliant Way (Requires CB Gateway)
Automatically Convert Auth To Catpure When Shipping / Posting Invoices
POS Works With Popular EMV Devices
Single Set Of Inventory Data Across Internal Processes and Sales Channels
Item Centered View Showing Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Transaction History, Stock Qty Information, Costing, Etc - By Location (Warehouse Or Store)
Unlimited Locations (Warehouse Or Store)
Unlimited Bin Locations (Warehouse Or Store)
Support For Stock, Non-Stock And Labor Items
Support For Matrix Items (I.E Sizes, Colors)
Support For Kit Items
Support For Assembly / BOM Items
Support For Bundled Items
Support For Electronic Download Items
Support For Gift Card / Certificate Items
Support For Serial & Lot Numbers
Support For Inventory Allocation (Allocate In-Stock Quantities)
Support For Inventory Reservation (Presell Incoming Items)
Support For Supplier Item # / Description
Support For Customer Item # / Description
Support For Accessories And Substitutes (shows on order forms and ecommerce)
Support For Standard, Average, FIFO, LIFO, And Landed Costing Methods
Option To Store Items In Specific Bin Locations (Works With Connected Warehouse)
Preferred Put Away Location For Each Item
Preferred Pick Location For Each Item
Unlimited Units Of Measure (i.e. Each, Dozen, Case)
Stock Take Routine by Location (Warehouse / Store)
- By Location Zone
- By Item
- By Stock Cycle Days
Stock Adjustments
Internal Movements
360-Degree View Of Your Supply Chain
Full Notes, Email, Activity, Opportunity And Document History Per Supplier Contact
Support For Supplier Warehouse Locations
Support For Custom Cost Pricing, Multi-Level Breaks And Promotional Pricing
Full Supplier Transaction History With Attachment Drill Down
Transaction Dispute Feature
Easily View Outstanding Purchase Orders / Returns
Easily View Recent Purchases
Easily View Debt Analysis
Easily View Relationships To Other Entities
Support For Purchase Requisition and Conversion To Purchase Order
Purchase Requisitions Can Be Exported / Import From Excel
Manual And Automatic Supplier Purchase Order Processing
Drop Ship And Special-Order Purchase Order Processing
Different Payment Terms For Each Order For Same Supplier
Due (Arrival) Dates On Every Item Line Links Displays In Sales Order And Ecommerce Pages (I.E. Buy Today And We Will Ship On The 20th)
Special Pricing For Supplier With Quantity Breaks
Manage Goods Received By Warehouse By Supplier
Match Purchase Invoices To Goods Received
Consolidate Deliveries To One Supplier Invoice Keeping Relevant Information On Item Lines Like Source Document, Purchase Order Numbers Etc.
Recurring Purchase Orders When We Have Repeats At Regular Intervals
Drop Ship Purchase Order Routine (from Supplier to Customer)
Special Order Purchase Order Routine – These Are For Items We Do Not Want To Stock Either Because They Cost A Lot Or Take Up A Lot Of Room And We Can Get Them Quite Quickly So We Just Buy To Order. This Would Be Identified On The Stock Item.
Auto Generate Purchase Order Routine– This Can Work In Numerous Ways, A Simple Way Is To Order What You Need To Fulfill Your Sales Orders E.G. In Stock – On Sales Order + On Purchase Order Already + In Transit To The Warehouse From Other Warehouses = Potential Stock. If This Is Negative Then We Need To Order To Fulfill Our Sales Orders. Another Option Is Using What We Call Sales Trends Which Adds To The Previous Calculation Average Sales X Lead Time As This Gives Us The Qty Of Stock We Need To Order So We Do Not Run Out Before We Have To Order Again. This Produces A List Of Items To Order And You Can Click On The Hyperlinked Qty To See How It Was Arrived At. Also The Ability To Have Main Supplier Or Last Lowest Cost Supplier As The Recommended Supplier With Relevant LeadTime.
Requirements Planning – Use Reorder Points And Custom Routines To Create / Populate Purchases
Full Account Payable Functionaity
Pay Bills Individually Or In Batches
Apply Debit Memo’s Against Supplier Bills
Support For Unlimited Locations (Office / Warehouse / Store)
Support For Zones Within You Locations (i.e. Normal, Receiving, Dispatch, Defective, Repair, Scrap, In Transit, Drop Ship, Supplier Returns)
Support For Bin / Shelf Locations Within Your Locations
Assign Employees To Locations
Support For Location Based Financials
Support For eCommerce Click And Collect Per Location (And Its Special Taxation Rules)
Support For eCommerce Location Maps And Hours

CRM Key Features

360 Degree View Of Customer Transactions And Activities
Track And Manage Leads
Track And Manage Prospects
Convert Leads To Prospects Or Customers And Opportunities
Calendar Views For Meetings, To-Dos, Calls, Call Backs
Daily, Weekly, Monthly And Yearly View Of Calendar
Private / Team Activities
Schedule A Meeting With Teams And Reserve Resources
Opportunity Management And User Defined Stages
Link Opportunities To Quotes, Sales Orders And Invoices
Opportunity Values Based On Quoted Revenue Or Margin
Opportunity Dashboard With Revenue Forecasting
Competitor Tracking
Activities, Notes And Email By Opportunity
Quotes Can Use Inventory And Text Items
Quotes Use Customer Special Pricing
Quotes Convert To Orders
Copy Quotes To New Customers
Allow Users To Initiate Quotes Online
Target Lists Link To Customers, Prospects Or Leads
Target Lists Can Be Filtered By Any Field
Target Lists Based On Sales History
Email, Call List, Mail Merge Feature From Target Lists
Target Lists Can Be Exported To Any Email Marketing Solution (Including Entice)
Marketing Campaigns And Management
Marketing Campaign Waves For Email, Fax, Call List, Mail Merge
Outbound Call Management And User Interface
Sales Rep/Agent Management
Sales Rep/Agent Commission Calculation Routine
Sales Rep/Agent Linked Customers/Transactions/Orders
Option For Custom Form Templates For Each Customer
Case Management And Escalation
Case Dashboard
Allow Customers To Create Cases Online

Reporting Key Features

Includes Over 300 Customizable Reports
Easily Create New Reports Via Wizard
Easily Add Summaries, Barcodes, Images, And Graphs
Includes SQL Query Designer
Support For Calculated Fields
Assign Reports To Forms
Create Email Templates
Export Your Reports To A Variety Of Formats
Support For Hundreds Of Label Types
Add Scripts to Reports For Complex Needs
Ability To Restrict User Access To Reports.
Business Intelligence Viewer / Designer
Create "Drag And Drop" Pilot Tables Of Your Data
Ability To Group, Sort, and Subtotal Data As Needed
Easily Add Charts And Graphs In A Single Click
Support For Calculated Fields
Ability To Restrict User Access To Business Intelligence.
HTML Based Visual Dashboard Viewer / Designer
Support For DataCard, Data Grid, And Pivot Grid Views
Support For Cartesian, Bar, Pie, Gauge, Tree Map Type Charts
Support For Map Charts With Global Mapping
Support for Data Filtering Including Range Control And Full Filter Controls.
Ability To Restrict User Access To Dashboards.

Shipping / Warehouse Management Key Features

Note That Connected Warehouse, Our Fully Integrated iPad Warehouse Management Solution, Is A Open Source Project That Is Partner Supported. For Warehouses With High Order Volume We Recommend https://warehouseos.com/ 

Supports USPS / Endicia, UPS, FedEx
Print Shipping Labels
Automatically Get Shipping Weight From Items
Automatically Print Shipping Lables For Prepackaged Items
Ability To Print Shipping Labels In Bulk
Ability To Convert Credit /Card Auth To Charge At Shipment
Download iPad App In The App Store
Automated, Paperless, Order Picking With Optional Barcoding
Automated, Paperless, Order Packing With Optional Shipping Labels / Barcoding
Automated, Paperless, Incoming Order Receiving With Optional Barcoding
Automated, Paperless, Inventory Stock Take / Adjustments With Optional Barcoding
Automated, Paperless, Inventory Stock Transfers With Optional Barcoding

eCommerce Key Features

Includes Fully Unified eCommerce Module
Unlimited Number Of Websites Sharing One Data Source, Each with Their Own Branding, Pricing, Gateway, etc.
Real-Time, Single Source Of Truth Across All Back End Processes and eCommerce
Includes Upsell Tools To Increase Your Average eCommerce Order Size
Support For Multiple Languages and Currencies
Support For "Buy Online, Pickup At Warehouse / Store"
Built In Live Chat / Live Support
Support For Real-Time Address Correction / Real-Time Freight
Support For Google Maps / Address Completion
Works With TaxJar For Accurate Sales Tax Calculation, Reporting, And Compliance
Allow Your Customers To Initiate Returns From Your Website
"Setup And Forget" eBusiness Capabilities
Show Buyers Transactions Across Sales Channels
Ability To Immediately Fulfill / Ship Orders
Ability To Eliminate Errors Caused By The Uploading / Downloading Of Data
Ability To Share Promotions / Coupons / Loyalty Points Across Sales Channels
Customize With Over 375 Application Configuration Options
Easy To Customize With Available Source Code
Bootstrap 4.0 Client Side Framework
Give Your B2C Customers The "Amazon Like" Unified Experience They Expect
Give Your Customers Fast Shipping And Excellent Support
Increase Your Sales With Loyalty Points
Increase Your Sales With Gift Cards
Allow Your Customers To Create A Gift Registry
Provide Buyers With A Centralized View Of Their Transactions
Allow Multiple Logins Per Account
Provide Buyers With A Centralized View Of Your Inventory
Provide Buyers With A Centralized View Of Your Supply Chain
Provide B2B Buyers With Accurate, Real-Time Information They Can Depend On
Centralize Customer Credit Terms / Credit Card Information
Support For Buyer Specific Catalogs
Support For Sales Rep / Affiliate Commissions
Support For Multiple Units Of Measure (i.e. Sell In Eaches, Cases, Etc.)
Support For Quantity Price Breaks
Support For Online Sales Quotes
Includes "Drag And Drop" Skin Template Builder
Includes "Drag And Drop" Menu Builder
Includes "Drag And Drop" Page Builder With Hundreds Of Pre Designed Element Blocks
SEO Optimized
Includes Easy To Use Blog Engine
Connect To Dozens Of Third Party eCommerce Carts Via Cart Rover
Automatically Download Orders
Automatically Create Inventory Items (If Missing)
Automtically Allocate Inventory / Optionally Create Payments
Upload Stock Quantity Changes
Upload Completed Orders / Tracking Information
Connect To Dozens Of Third Party Marketplaces Via Cart Rover
Automatically Download Orders
Automatically Create Inventory Items (If Missing)
Automtically Allocate Inventory / Optionally Create Payments
Upload Stock Quantity Changes
Upload Completed Orders / Tracking Information

Point Of Sale Key Features

Note That Connected Sale, Our Point Of Sale Solution, Is A Open Source Project That Is Partner Supported.

"Easy Setup" - Uses Products, Pricing, Customers, From The Core ERP
Fully Customizable And Open Source
Store Pick Up Order Notifications
Support For Secondary Display
Extensive Hardware Support

Customization And Configuration Key Features

New Company Wizard Steps You Through The Setup
Includes All U.S. And Canada Postal Codes
Setup Customer, Product, Etc Class Templates To Speed Data Entry
Includes Job (Automation) Manager To Run Tasks At Specific times (i.e. Download Orders From Cart Rover Every 30 Minutes)
Audit Trail - See Datachanges Made By Your Team
eMail Mananger / Server
Fully Customizable eCommerce
Plug-in Manager To Install Custom Plug-ins
User Role Based Menu And Screen Designer
Data Dictionary To Modify And Add New Fields
Search Manager To Add New Search Screens

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