Personalized Enticement Campaigns

Enticements are campaigns that are triggered based off a contacts interaction with your website. 

For example, a contact that is looking at shoes could be added to an enticement campaign later that day that highlights some of your most popular shoes or a given a coupon to entice the purchase.

Connected Business: Online Marketing

New Customer Subscription

A welcome email is the first impression a company makes with a new customer, blog subscriber, or newsletter subscriber via email.

Welcome emails can deliver videos, special offers, a sign-up form, or just a friendly hello to establish a relationship with a new contact.

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Category Browse Campaign

The category browse campaigns focuses on shoppers in the middle of the funnel who browsed category pages and left the site without clicking on any specific products from that category. 

These campaigns are tailored towards getting shoppers back to the category they left off from and pushing them further down the funnel.

Product Browse Campaign

The Product Browse Campaign aims to target shoppers who browsed a product page and left the site before adding any items to their cart. 

In many cases these campaigns, this series of emails can outperform the cart abandonment campaigns.

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