Release Notes for Connected Business 24

Version: CB24 (24.0.8901)

Release Date: 05/17/2024

Upgrade Considerations:

Important Reminders: The Auto update will not overwrite the installation folder for CBE instead it will create a folder "CBEUpdate" that contains the update/changes for CBE that can manually be applied to your CBE or web folder. Before upgrading, please back up the database and all server components, including website folders.  The web services component (Internet Connection) is no longer supported and was removed from this version.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Minimum Requirement from Installer
  • ERP Web Services have been removed from this release. Please use a VPN instead (with our cloud client edition). 
  • If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You In Version 19 Or Earlier, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile it In Version 20-23 SD

For those upgrading from version 19 and below and made customizations for the following forms:

  • Sale Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • RMA
  • Credit Memo
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Goods Received

You will need to re-arrange the layout of your customizations for them to operate properly.


The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login into your account to continue to download the installer. For CB23 clients, updates will automatically show in the DBMC.

New Features and Key Benefits


  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, import/export Outlook calendar items
  • Added "AllowToPostReceiptInSalesOrderTransaction" in customer advanced preference to enable/show "Save and Post" in customer payment within the Sales Order form
  • Added "Show On Purchase" flag in the Item setup to show or not to show the unit measure in the Purchase Order form
  • Added "Show On Sale" flag in the Item setup to show or not to show the unit measure in the Sales Order form
  • Added "15 All" tab in the Find Item dashboard to show all Inventory Items regardless of type and status
  • Added the "Matrix Group" field in the Matrix Item form and column "Matrix Group" in Find Matrix Item
  • Added Email and Phone Numbers column in the Find Contact and make it searchable
  • Added "AutoAllocatePaymentToBill" in SupplierAdvancedPreference, when creating payment from within the supplier bill form the system will automatically allocate the payment to the bill after saving the payment transaction


  • Added eCommerce app config "Cart.ShowItemOriginalPrice" and " Cart.ShowItemDiscountPercentage" to Show discount % and old price (adding Strikethrough of the Original Price) in the Shopping Cart Page.

  • Added SKU (Item Name), UPC (Universal Product Code), and MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) on the Product Page and searchable on the website.


  • Support the New OAuth 2.0 from FedEx and UPS

POS (Connected Sale)

  • Added an option to Print a pick ticket report

Connected Warehouse

  • Improved the process in the Pick routine


  • Ability to upload Shipping information for existing Invoice



  • CB forms incorrectly limit integer data entry values to 4 digits


  • The invoice header will be duplicated if the contact is tied to more than one default website
  • Website Estimate Shipping is set to false but still showing on the website
  • Website users adding shipping addresses results in an improper list of shipping options
  • Editing the website address book, my primary shipping address does not work or save changes
  • Google Analytics 4 Item Revenue Changes, Use SalesPriceRate instead of ExtPriceRate
  • Website crashes when customer contact password fields are NULL in the database
  • Could not add to cart bundle Item on the website
  • Pound Sterling currency Formatting
  • Euro Currency Formatting
  • General UI Improvements to eCommerce My Account
  • Correction of Address Book Update


  • Customer Statements report will not print to file
  • Error when posting invoice with the back order
  • Statement run filtering is not working


  • FedEx International Connect Plus is not showing in the shipping service type
  • FedEx One Rate service is not available as an option in the Shipment form
  • The shipping form is going behind the main form and confusing the user
  • Shipping Config "Default.PrintInvoiceOnCompleteShipment" description misleading


  • Email and Phone Numbers are not searchable in the Find Contact


  • Special Order Purchases show items that are still in the sales quote
  • Error "The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once..." in posting Goods Received (GRN)
  • Error Posting Return to Supplier


  • Wrong Inventory Quantity, missing transactions in the Ledger
  • Wrong "On Order" Quantity on Item form

POS (Connected Sale)

  • Generated Invoice inside Connected Business does not reflect the tax in POS
  • Completing sales is not working
  • Could not print Credit Card Receipt

Connected Warehouse

  • The cursor is not starting in the search field
  • Receiving an order does not show all items


  • Zero kit price uploaded to entice customer detail last viewed product

 The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login into your account to continue to download the installer.

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