Price And Promotion Management

The Connected Business Gives You Full Control On How You Price Products And Services, As Well As Any Promotions You Wish To Create. 

With The Sales Order Process, Ecommerce, And POS All Sharing A Common Setup, Your Pricing And Promotions Are Always Consistent Between Internal Sales Channels. 


Unify Pricing Across All Internal Sales Channels

With Connected Business You Only Have To Setup Your Pricing Rules One Time, And The Pricing Automatically Works Across All Of Your Internal Sales Channels (I.E. Phone, Ecommerce, POS). 

Compare To Using Separate Solutions That Not Only Need To Be Setup Individually, But Often Have Incompatible Pricing Rules.

  • Share Pricing Rules Across All Modules
  • Allows Different Pricing Rules For Different Websites

Create Flexible Pricing Rules

Connected Business Offers A Tremendous Array Of Pricing Options To Support Your Business Operations Both Now And In The Future. 

Pricing Can Be Set “Per Selling Currency” For International Business.

  • Support For Set Or Calculated Wholesale And Retail Prices
  • Support For An Unlimited Number Of Price Levels.
  • Support For Quantity Price Breaks
  • Support For Unit Of Measure Pricing
  • Support For Customer / Category Discount Pricing
  • Support For Unique "Negotiated" Pricing
  • And Much More…

Create Flexible Promotion Rules

Promotions Are An Excellent Way To Reengage With Your Customers, Increase Sales Of Your Products, And Closeout Slow Moving Items. With Connected Business We Give You A Number Of Powerful Options To Setup Your Promotion Plans. 

Once Setup, Promotions Will Automatically Works Across All Of Your Internal Sales Channels (I.E. Phone, Ecommerce, POS). 

  •  Create A List Of "Sale" Items With Start Date And Sale Price
  •  eCommerce Highlights Promotions (i.e $49.99 Sale $29.99)
  •  Create Time Based Promotions (i.e $29.99 Until 1:00pm)
  •  Create Coupon Based Promotions
  •  Create Quantity Based Promotions  (i.e $29.99 - Only 10 Available)
  •  And Much More...

Quickly And Easily Update Prices

Connected Business Supports Many Different Ways To Update Your Pricing As Your Costs Change. Aside From Auto Pricing Formulas Based On Your Cost, Connected Business Includes Several Utilities To Help You Mass Update Your Pricing In A Batch. Some Of These Utilities Allows You To Import / Export From Excel Or Use Our Microsoft Excel Compatible Pricing Spreadsheet Screen.

No Matter Which Approach You Choose, Your Pricing Is Instantly Updated Across All Of Your Internal Sales Channels (I.E. Phone, Ecommerce, Pos)

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