Customization Tools

Connected Business Include Industry Leading Customization Tools Designed To Help You Customize The Solution Based On Your Exact Needs. 

Customization Options Include: Menus, Screens, Search Screens, Reports Business Intelligence Web Dashboards And More.


Customize Connected Business As Easy As 1, 2, 3...


Customize The Menu. Change Names, Add Or Replace Existing Functionality


Configure Additional Options To Customize Menu Properties, Actions, And Icons


Customize The Forms. Add / Remove Tabs / Fields. Add Or Replace Existing Functionality

Take Control Of Your Data With Our Powerful Data Dictionary

The Connected Business Data Dictionary Makes It Simple To Add / Modify Database Tables, Add Custom Fields And Easily Create New SQL Stored Procedures To Meet The Exact Needs Of Your Business.

  • Easily Add New Tables To Connected Business
  • Easily Add New Fields To Connected Business
  • Optionally Add New Fields To The Import Manager
  • Optionally Add Languages To Your Fields
  • Modify Existing Fields Within Connected Business

Create User Roles For Every Job Function In Your Company

Connected Business Allows You To Setup Various User Roles For Your Organization And Customize The Menus, Search Screens, Report, Forms And More Per User Role. This Gives You Complete Control Over How The Application Is Being Used Within Your Organization.

  •  Customize The Menu Per User Role
  •  Customize The Forms Per User Role
  •  Customize Report Permissions Per User Role
  •  Customize Business Intelligence Access Per User Role
  •  Customize Dashboard Access Per User Role
  •  ...And Much More

Custom Search Screen Designer

Connected Business Allows You To Replace The Standard Search Forms With Custom Search Forms On A Per User Role Basis. Ties In With System And Other Data Fields So You Can Create Search Screens That Pre-Filter Customers By The User Logged In, Or By Conditional Data For Things Like Workflow.

  •  Customize The Existing Screens By Adding New Fields 
  •  Replace The Existing Search Screens To Add New Functionality
  •  Pre-filter Your Data To Create A Workflow
  •  Dynamically Pre-filter Data By User (i.e. View Only Assigned Customers)

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