Skin Template and Menu Builders

Take advantage of Connected Business eCommerce’s responsive design to attract more customers to your online store and increase your sales especially to modern mobile centric generations of internet shoppers.

Connected eCommerce: Skin & Menu Manager

Built for All Screen Devices. Built for All Levels of Web Design Skills.

Ready Made Designs Available

We Have Pre-Built Skin Templates Available for Download and Use.

Responsive Web Design

Our Skin Templates Are Built To Adapt To Any Screen Sizes.

Programming Skills Not Required

Anyone Can Use - From a Pro to a Simple "Word Processor" Guy.

Fully Loaded Skin Template Builder

Our Skin Manager comes with a set of built-in blocks. You may drag and drop them into the content area and edit them as you see fit - and much more.

  • Drag & drop element blocks and layers for positioning
  • Asset management for uploading images
  • Style management interface
  • Design mode responisve screen scaling  
  • Edit code for web programmers

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Skin Builder Screens

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Content Builder
Content Builder

Control Your Website Navigation

Connected Business eCommerce Menu Builder helps you add, edit, duplicate and delete menu without having to edit the HTML codes.

  • Drag & drop menu items to order and nesting
  • Edit text, link and target windows
  • Create and maintain several menu for your skin
  • Design packages allow for dynamic menu
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Menu Builder Screens

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Do-It-Yourself Web Design

Terminologies you need to know...

Skin Template

The part of the page that remains consistent from page to page - the master page. 

The .ascx files are in the skins/Skin_1 folder.

Stylesheet (CSS)

The file or set ofproperties that contains the interface style rules for your website. 

The CSS stylesheet controls fonts, colors, layouts, and more.


A generic term for a small piece of code that renders out some dynamic content. 

Click here to see different Tokens and how to use them.

Design Packages (formerly XMLPackage)

Design Packages render out dynamic blocks of code. Usually they render out HTML, but they can be used for a number of different types of outputs. Design Packages are responsible for the product and category page layouts as well as many other data driven areas throughout the Connected Business eCommerce. Design Packages are written in xslt. Click here to see different Design Packages and how to use them.

css style here

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