Supplier Management

The Connected Business Supplier Module Is Designed To Help You More Effectively Manage Your Supplier Related Activities By Centralizing All Supplier Related Data And Processes. 

With Everything You Need Centralized, Complex Tasks Such As Accurately Forecasting Item Demand Are Greatly Simplified Allowing You To Operate Your Business At The Peak Of Efficiency.

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Fully Unified Supplier Management

The Supplier Detail Form Is The Central Place For All Supplier Data With Drill Down Capabilities For Quick Access To Supplier Contacts, Activities, And Transactions (i.e. Purchase Orders, Accounts Payables, Supplier Payments). Fully Unified With The Connected Business CRM Module Allowing To Build Better Relationships With Your Key Suppliers.

  •  360° View Of Supplier
  •  Unlimited Contacts Per Supplier With Contact Centered View
  •  Supplier Contact Emails / Fax history
  •  Custom Costing, Multi Level Breaks & Promotional Pricing
  •  Relationships To Other Entities 

Streamline Your Purchase Requisition And Purchase Order Processes

Connected Business Offers A Powerful Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Received, Bill Received Workflow Process That Organize Your Item Replenishment Process. Purchase Requisition Include The Option To Export / Import From Excel Making It Easy To Share And Update Purchase Requests Items and Quantities With Your Suppliers. 

  • Requisition Management And Conversion To Purchase Order
  •  Support For Items With Different Attributes (i.e. Size, Color)
  •  Support For Delivery Date By Items
  •  View Backorders During Purchasing 
  •  Automatically Assign Item Reservation In Purchase Order

Automated Your Purchase Orders

Connected Business Helps You Manage Your Inventory Restocking Process More Efficiently. 

Connected Business Includes Powerful Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order Creation Wizards That Automatically Suggest Purchases Based On Your Preset Reorder Points Or By Using A Sophisticated Standard Deviation-Based Sales Forecasting Model.

Easy Supplier Returns and Debit Memos

When Supplier Returns Have To Be Made, A Return To Supplier Transaction Can Be Initiated To Streamline The Process. 

Once Returned, The Supplier Return Can Be Converted Into A Debit Memo And Deducted From Future Payments To That Supplier.

Quickly And Easily Pay Supplier Bills

Pay Bills Instantly From The Banking Supplier Payment Form, Or Create Payments And Print Checks For Multiple Bills Quickly Through The Payment Run Process. Price Difference Between Bills And Purchases Are Easily Handled With Routines To Update Sold Items With The Correct Cost.

  •  Easily Pay Bills Individually Or In A Batch
  •  Support For Bill Payment Approval Workflow
  •  Easily Record Payments Made By Credit Cards And Wire Transfers

Reserve Backordered When Creating Purchase Orders

Connected Business Takes An Allocation / Reservation Approach To Your Inventory. When Items Are In Stock, They Are Allocated. If The Item Is Out Of Stock, But Has An Open Purchase Order, Then The Ordered Quantities Are Reserved Against That Purchase Order. When An Item Is Ordered, But There Are No Open Purchase Orders, Then It Is Backordered. 

As You Create Purchase Orders, Connected Business Automatically Checks To See If You Have Any Items On Backorder And Automatically Converts Them Into Reservations For You. 

As Items Arrive, They Are Automatically Converted To An Allocation Ensuring That The Customer Gets Their Product As Soon As Possible.

Quickly And Accurately Apply Landed Costs To Your Products

To Accurately Determine The “True” Cost Of An Item, There Are Other Fees And Charges Incurred Upon Receiving The Items That Must Be Considered (This Goes Beyond The Original Price Imported From A Regular Supplier). 

These Extra Fees May Be In The Form Of Shipping Costs From An Overseas Supplier, Brokerage Or Logistics Fees, Insurance Charges, Customs, Taxes, Currency Conversion, Handling Fees, Etc Are Called Landed Costs.

Connected Business Supports The Automatic Allocation Of Costs In The Suppliers Bill Allowing You To Determine The Appropriate “Landed Cost” Of That Product And Post It To The Correct General Ledger Accounts.

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