U.S Sales Tax Compliance

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Once Setup, Connected Business Accounting Features Are Tirelessly Working Behind The Scenes To Update Your Financial Information For Accurate, Up To The Minute, Financial Performance.


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Key Sales Tax Compliance Benefits

Automatic Sales Tax Calculations

Use Taxjar For The Latest Sale Tax Rates Based On Your Product And Customers Location.

Automatic Sales Tax Reporting And Filing

Upload Your Transactions Each Night And Let Taxjar Take Care Of Your Sales Tax Reporting And Filing.

Monitor Your Economic Nexus Thresholds

TaxJar Monitors Your Economic Nexus Thresholds To Simplify National Sales Tax Compliance.

Report Across All Of Your Order Types

Connected Business Automatically Uploads All Of Completed Invoices Taxjar.

Details Of The Connected Business / TaxJar Partnership

On June 21st, 2018, a Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair granted the state of South Dakota authority to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state transactions. This ruling is having a major impact on many small to mid-sized businesses by creating an "Economic Nexus" in states they do not have a physical location (Nexus) in. 

To fully understand the impact of this decision, there are over 10,800 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States that made nearly 400 tax changes just in the first half of 2017. While Fortune 500 businesses can afford to have a dedicated sales tax compliance team, many small to mid-sized businesses cannot and are severely disadvantaged by this ruling. 

To help small to mid-sized businesses collect, report, and submit sales tax we are excited to announce a new partnering with TaxJar, a leading sales tax automation service. With this new partnership, small to mid-sized businesses will benefit from the first “out of the box” unified ERP + eCommerce + POS + Sales Tax automation solution. 

The solution will integrate TaxJar’s complex sales tax calculation engine across the ERP and eCommerce modules of Connected Business so that sales tax computation is always 100% accurate. For tax reporting, Connected Business will update TaxJar on all transactions (including Tax Exempt) made in the Connected Business ERP, eCommerce, and POS modules so that TaxJar can take care of the reporting for you. 

With Connected Business and TaxJar, tax compliance will be greatly simplified - almost painless. No clunky third-party add-ins and no taxation errors due to the updating of multiple solutions.




Sell Across Your Current Marketplaces And Internal Sales Channels. Use The Provided Sales Tax Calculation Engines Or TaxJar For 100% Accurate Taxation Across Different Product Types And Tax Jurisdictions.



Fulfill Your Orders / Enter Sales In Connected Business.



Each Night Connected Business Will Upload All Of Your Taxable And Tax-Exempt Sales To Taxjar So It Has The Information It Needs File Your Sales Tax In The States You Are Currently Enrolled In And Monitor You Sales In Other States To Keep You Compliant. 

Do Business On Marketplaces That Collect And Remit Sales Tax In Your Behalf? Don’t Worry, We Have That Covered Too.



Taxjar Will Monitor Your Taxation Activity And Let You Know When Its Time To File. When Its Time, Taxjar Can Auto File Your Sales Tax For You Simplifying A Very Complex, Time Consuming Process. 

Tajar Will Also Monitor Your Sales Activity In The States You Do Business In To See If You Are Nearing The Economic Threshold That State.

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