B2C eCommerce

Connected Business Unified ERP / eCommerce Approach Is Perfect For The Complex Demands Of B2B Ecommerce. 

It Provides Customer With Real-Time Data And A Single Source Of Truth For Customer, Orders, And Inventory Information.

Share B2B And B2C Sales On A Single Website, Or Create  Separate B2B Website(s) To Meet Your Exact Need.

eCommerce: B2B ECOMMERCE

Give Your B2C Customers The "Amazon Like" Experience They Expect

With The Connected Business Ecommerce Module, You Can Give Your Customers The Ecommerce Experience They Expect: Accurate Real-Time Stock Information, Out Of Stock Availably, Order Tracking, Shipment Tracking, RMA Requests, Loyalty Point Programs And So Much More.

Why Struggle With Inconsistent Data, Escalating Maintenance Costs, And A Fragmented View Of Your Business Operations When You Can Streamline Everything With Connected Business? Discover Why 81% Of Retailers Plan To Use A Unified Solution For Their Next Platform. Perfect For Both B2C And B2B Ecommerce.

Give Your Customers Fast Shipping And Excellent Support

For Many Shoppers, Delivery Performance Is Key To Winning Their Business. This Is Where Connected Business Excels. With Connected Business Your Entire Business Runs In Real-Time. That Means That When An Order Is Taken Online Using The Connected Business Ecommerce Module, It Is Immediately Reflected In The Connected Business ERP Module And Connected Warehouse For Fulfillment. 

Compare To Using Separate Solutions That Use Connectors To Move Your Orders From Your Website, To Their Cloud, To Your Solution Delaying Your Fulfillment Process By Hours.

  •  Ship Orders Immediately As Received
  •  Track Fulfillment Process In One Solution
  •  Easily Answer Customer Service Questions

""Gone are the days when you could run your online store as a separate business. The siloed approach creates a disjointed customer experience, causing friction and disappointment."

- Forrester Research

Increase Your Sales With Loyalty Points

A Recent Study By Forrester Research Found That B2B Sellers That Use A Unified Solution Have A Greater Level Of Online Selling Success Than Those That Do Not.

Results Of Their Findings Include;

  •  46% Higher Upsell / Cross Sell
  •  Real-Time Orders Allows You To Ship Faster
  •  Higher Profitability Per Customer
  •  Higher Levels Of Customer Satisfaction
  •  Higher Levels Of Customer Adoption
  •  Faster Delivery Performance

Increase Your Sales With Gift Cards

Gift Cards And Gift Certificates Are An Effective Way To Increase Sales And Introduce Your Brand To New Clients. Until Now, Companies Have Had To Choose From Expensive Gift Card Programs That Take A High Percentage Of Your Sales, Or Restrict Gift Cards To A Single Sales Channel (I.E. Point Of Sale Or Ecommerce). 

Because Connected Business Is A Unified Solution, You Are No Longer Limited By These Restrictions. Not Only Can You Sell, Redeem, And Track Gift Card Across Your Sales Channels (In Real-Time), But Connected Business Will Also Do All Of The Proper Accounting Processes For You (I.E. Record Gift Card Sales Not As “Sales” But As “Liabilities”).

  •  Attract New Customers
  •  Increase Brand Awareness
  •  Improved Cash-flow
  •  Higher Customer Engagement

"Companies Using A Unified Solution Realize Greater Per-Customer Profitability, Better Cross-Sell And Upsell, Improved Customer Acquisition And Satisfaction, And More Accurate Inventory And Fulfillment Processes."

- Forrester Research

Allow Your Customers To Create A Gift Registry

Adding A Gift Registry Program Is A Must-Have For Many Retailers. If You Don’t Have One, Chances Are You’re Not Capturing All The Sales You Could Be. 

Connected Business Includes A Powerful Gift Registry Feature That Can Works Across The Connected Business And Ecommerce And POS Solutions. 

Easily Customized To Your Exact Needs. Checkout The Video To See It In Action.

  •  New Revenue Stream
  •  New Customer Acquisition
  •  Full-Price Sales
  •  In-Store Integration

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