Sales Order Management

The Connected Business Sales Order Processing Functions (Quote / Orders / Invoices) Are Possibly The Most Comprehensive Ever Created. 

Powerful, Yet Easy To Use, The Sales Order Process Screens Are Designed For Fast Data Entry And Accurate Decision Making.


Comprehensive, 360° Sales Order Management

The Connected Business Sales Order Screens Feature An Intuitive Multi-Tab Design That Brings All Relevant Customer And Inventory Data Into The Sales Order Forms. This Allows Your Order Entry Team To Quickly Respond To Customer Inquiries.

  • 360-Degree View of Customer, Inventory And Supply Chain Data
  • Hyperlinks Allows For Fast "Drill Down" Of Relevant Data 
  • Fast Desktop App Performance. Keyboard Shortcut Support. 
  • Support for Order Stages And Workflow. 

Accurate Item Availability For Both In-Stock And Incoming Items

Nothing Is More Frustrating For A Buyer To Place An Order Only To Find That The Product Was Not Available As Represented. 

With Connected Business You Always Have Accurate “Real-Time” Stock Availability For In Stock Products As Well As The Availability Of Incoming Products.

  • Display "Real-Time" Stock Availability At The Time Of The Order
  • Display A List Of Incoming Purchases With Date Of Arrival, Ordered Quantity, Quantity Reserved, And Quantity Available To Sell.
  • Display "Buy Today And We Will Ship It On {Date}" On Your Website Instead of "Out Of Stock" And Watch Your Sales Soar

Increase Your Average Order Size

Studies Have Shown That Just A 20% Increase In Your Average Order Size Can Lead To A 50% Increase In Overall Profitably, So We Designed Connected Business With Sales Order Upselling In Mind. For Example, During Order Entry, Order Takers Are Presented With A List Of “Accessory” Items As Well As List Of Items Based On Historical Sales Pattern (People Who Bought This Also Bought That).

  •  Display A List Of Accessories For Order Items
  •  Display A List Of “People Who Bought This Also Bought” Items
  •  Display Buyers “Wish List” and “Notify On Price Drop” Items

Reduce Unexpected Backorders

Backordered Items Not Only Reduce Sales And Profits, But Unexpected Item Back Orders Can Also Significantly Reduce Buyer Satisfaction With Your Company And Brand. 

Connected Business Helps You Not Only Reduce Unexpected Back Orders, But Also Allows Your Team To Reserve Items From Incoming Purchases.

  • Accurately View "Real-Time" Stock Availability Across Locations
  • Display A List Of Substitute Items And Their Stock Availability
  • Lookup Incoming Stock And Reserve Quantities For Future Shipment

Flexible Payment Options

Connected Business Supports A Variety Of Payment Terms And Payment Methods. Aside From Common B2B Payment Terms Such As Net30, Connected Business Also Support Payment Terms Such As Credit Cards, Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Points From Loyally Programs, Payments From Open Credits, Etc.

  • Support For B2B Payments Terms (i.e. Net Net, 2%10 Net 30)
  • Authorize Credit Cards On Order, Capture On Shipment  / Invoice
  • Apply Loyaly Points To Orders / Invoices
  • Apply Open Credits To Orders / Invoices
  • Ability To Split Payments

Connects With USPS / FedEx / UPS For Address Verification / Freight Estimation 

Reduce Shipping Errors In Your Sales Orders With Our Address Verification Feature. When Your Customers Create Their Account Or Place Their Orders, This Feature Compares And Validates The Address Directly With Your Shipping Carriers' Databases. Additionally, Our Freight Quote Feature Allows Your Team To Give B2B Clients Accurate Freight Quotes At The Time Of The Sale.

  • Verify Addresses At The Time Of Customer Creation.
  • Verify Addresses In The Sales Order / Customer Forms.
  • Automatically Calculate Shipping In The Sales Order

Support For Drop Ship / Ship Blind / Special Orders

Connected Business Supports Drop Ship And Special-Order Items. When Orders Are Taken For These Items, The System Will Automatically Create The Corresponding Drop Ship / Special Order Purchase Orders (And Link Them Back To The Sales Order).

  • Easily Take Orders For Drop Ship And Special Order Items
  • Automatically Create Drop Ship / Special Order Purchase Orders  
  • Support For "Blind Ship" Orders 

Calculate Accurate Sales Commissions

Connected Business Will Automatically Calculate Sales Rep Commissions / Affiliate Commissions According To The Rules You Have Setup During The Sales Order. The Line Item /Commissions Tab Will Show The Commission For Each Item Ordered And How It Was Calculated.

  • Line Item Based Commissions
  • Ability To Modify Commissions Prior To Posting
  • Ability To Split Commission Across Sales Reps Groups

Powerful Invoicing Functionality

When It Comes Time To Invoice Your Orders, Connected Business Really Shines. Invoices Can Be Entered Directly Inside Connected Business Or Converted From A Sales Order. Once Completed, Invoices Can Be Posted To The General Ledger For Accurate, Real-Time Financials.

  • Ability To "Batch Invoice"
  • "Posting" Invoices Automatically Charges Credit Cards And Applies Payments
  • Ability To Combine Multiple Sales Order On One Invoice
  • Ability To Create Reoccurring Invoices
  • Ability To Copy Orders To New Transactions

Accurate Sales Tax Calculations

Connected Business Includes "Best In Class" Sales And Vat Tax Calculation. Designed To Meet The Needs For Companies Worldwide, The Connected Business Sales Tax Engine Allows You To Create An Unlimited Number Of Sales Tax Schemes And Groups. 

U.S. Customers Should Check Out Our Sales Tax Compliance Page To Learn About Our Partnership With Taxjar.

  • Support For Common Sales Tax Requirements
  • Line Item Based Sales Taxes
  • Support for Special Taxation Rules (i.e. Tax Holidays)
  • Support for TaxJar Calculations And Reporting

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