Warehouse And Fulfillment Management

Connected Business Includes Advances Features To Streamline Your Internal Warehousing And Fulfillment Processes. 

For Those That Need Support For Warehouse Barcoding And Automation, Choose From Our Included Connected Warehouse Or Separate Third Party Warehouse Systems For Greater Warehouse Efficiency.


Take Control Of Your Warehouse Locations

Connected Business Includes Everything You Need To Manage Your Warehouses, Fulfill Incoming Orders, And Print Shipping Labels.

  •  Full Inventory Management Functionality
  •  Comprehensive Order Fulfillment Routines
  •  Easily Receive, Adjust And Transfer Stock As Needed
  •  Includes Connected Warehouse - A Lite "Open Source" WMS 

Streamline Your Picking And Packing Routines

Connected Business Includes Advanced Features To Streamline Your Order Picking And Packing. For Example, Our Bulk Picketing Ticket Features Can Not Only Print Picking Tickets And Packing Lists, But Also The Corresponding Shipping Labels When A Item Is Marked Prepacked Or Is Just One Box. 

  •  Automatically Print Picking Tickets As New Orders Are Placed
  •  Print Picking Tickets In A Batch, Filtered By Ship Date / Fill Rate 
  •  "Bulk Print" Single Ordered / Prepackaged Item Picking Tickets With Shipping Labels
  •  Pick and Pack Directly In Connected Warehouse Using Barcodes. Generate Shipping Labels On Completion

Quickly And Easily Print Shipping Labels

Connected Business Includes Everything You Need To Manage Your Warehouses, Fulfill Incoming Orders, And Print Shipping Labels. 

Learn More About The Connected Business Shipping Module On The Shipping Management Page.

Simplify Your Stock Take Routines

Connected Business Was Designed With Flexible Stock Taking In Mind. It Supports Per Item “Stock Take Days” Allowing You To Set How Frequently You Take Stock Of An Individual Item. For Example, You May Set The Stock Take To Daily For High Value Items Such As Diamonds, But Quarterly For Low Value Items Such As Empty Jewelry Boxes. 

Stock Take Is Also Part Of Our Included Connected Warehouse Ipad APP. This Allows You To Take Stock As You Go And Works With Most Bluetooth Barcode Scanners For Companies That Use Barcodes. 

No Matter How You Take Stock, Your Changes To The Inventory On Hand Are Instantly Available Across All Of Your Inside Sales Channels And Your Financials Are Instantly Updated.

Easily Receive And Adjust Inventory Quantities

Connected Business Simplifies The Receiving Of New Purchases, Adjustment Of Current Stock Levels And Transfer Of Inventory Across Your Locations. These Processes Can Occur Inside The Connected Business ERP Solution Or The Freely Available Connected Warehouse Application.

  •  Quickly Process Incoming Inventory 
  •  Easily Adjust Stock Quantities
  •  Add Reason Codes To Track Problem Products
  •  Add Default G/L Account To Reason Codes For Financial Tracking Of Problem Products

Streamline Your Processes With Connected Warehouse

Need To Show All Of Your Pickup Locations On A Dynamic Google Map? No Problem, Connected Business Allows You To Display Your Pickup Locations On A Map By Just Setting Up A Few Configuration Items.

  •  Easily Display Your Locations Online
  •  Option To Display Location And Product Availability Map 
  •  Option To Display Store / Holiday Hours Online

Support For Location Based Financials

Connected Business Allows You To Breakout You Sales By Location, Allowing You To Create Separate Financials Statements For Each Location If Needed.

  •  Track Sales And Costs By Location
  •  Breakout Sales By Location And Product Category
  •  Breakout Sales By Location And Customer Type

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