Report Center

The Connected Business Report Center Provides Business Users With The Information They Need To Spot Trends Early And Make Intelligent, Real-Time Decisions. 

Because Connected Business Keeps All Of Your Data Together In A Single Database Location, You Can Analyze Data Across Different Sales Channels, Departments, And Locations.



Includes Hundreds Of Customizable Pre-Built Reports

Connected Business Includes A Large Selection Of Pre-Built Reports That Cover A Wide Range Of Business Needs. 

The Included Reports Can Be Customized And Includes The Ability To Create Both Email And Fax Templates Connected To The Reports.

Reports Can Be Printed To A Local Printer, A PDF File, Or Even Exported To Popular Formats Such As HTML And Excel.

Powerful Report Designer Is Included

Have Complex Reporting Needs? No Problem. Connected Business Includes A Powerful Report Designer That Allows You To Created New Reports And Bind Them To Connected Business Forms Or Modules Like The Point OF Sale Or Ecommerce Module. The Included Toolbox Allows You To Add Barcodes, Images, Charts Etc To Your Forms.

  • Secure Reports By User Role
  • Easily Add Summaries, Barcodes, Images, And Graphs
  • Includes SQL Query Designer
  • Support For Calcualted Fields
  • Assign Reports To Forms
  • Create Email Templates
  • Export Your Reports To A Variety Of Formats

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