Shipping Management

Increase Your Operational Efficiency And Minimize Your Shipping Costs With The Connected Business Shipping Module. Fully Integrated With Fedex, UPS, And USPS / USPS Endicia. 

Get Easy Access To Real-Time Shipping Information, Shipping Rates, And Address Verification Throughout The Connected Business Solution.


Key Shipping Module Benefits

Real-Time Freight

Check Shipping Rates In Real-Time. Provide Real-Time Shipping Rates On Your Website.

Verify Address

Verify Customer Addresses To Eliminate Delivery Issues And Correction Fees.

Easily Track

Easily Track Customer Shipments With A Click. Offer Customers Online Tracking.

Quickly Print Shipping Labels

Quickly Create Shipping Labels Or Automatically Print Labels For Prepackaged Items.

Streamline Your Shipping  

Connected Business Streamlines Your Shipping Processes By Making It An Integral Part Of Your Fulfillment Process And Not A Separate Solution. This Allows You To Configure The Shipping To Automate Other Shipping Related Workflow Items.

  •  Dozens Of Configuration Items
  •  Send Email Notifications Upon Shipment Completion 
  •  Optionally Convert Order to Invoice Upon Completion
  •  Optionally Charge Credit Cards Upon Completion
  •  Automatically Create Labels for "Prepackaged" Items

Automate Your Shipping Labels

Connected Business Includes Configuration Options That Help You Automate Shipping Tasks. 

For Example, You Can Setup Your Inventory Items With Weights And Shipping Methods To Carriers And Services, Allowing The Shipping Label For Orders With Just A Single Item To Be Automatically Printed. You Can Also Setup Larger Items, Or “Cases” Of Smaller Items As “Prepackaged” With Tier Weight And Dimensions For Automatic Label Generation.

  •  Autoprint Shipping Labels
  •  Prepopulate Shipments With Carriers, Weight And Insurance
  •  Print Shipping Labels In Batches
  •  Option To Always Use Customers Carrier Account
  •  Works With Connected Shipping

Automate Shipping Related Processes

Connected Business Includes Configuration Options That Allow You To Define What Processes Are Executed Once A Shipment Is Complete. Here Are A Few Examples…

  •  Send Shipment Confirmation / Tracking eMail To Customer
  •  Automatically Convert Sales Order To Invoice 
  •  Convert Credit Card Authorization’s To Charges

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