Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

Avoid over-spending to advertize your products and attract quality propects by creating meaningful content for your target audience.

Entice can help promote and automate converting your visitors to customers.

Connected Business: Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

Content Marketing

Custom Tailored To Your Needs.

  • Content Choice
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Promotion
  • Conversion Improvement

Marketing Automation

The All-in-One Marketing Platform For Connected Business.

Landing Page






A/B Testing

Lead Scoring


Campaign Builder

Branching Logic

Drip Marketing



SMS and Push


Build Your Contact Base

Entice Allows You To Create Dynamic Popup Forms That You Can Use To Collect Important Visitor Details Such As Email Address.

Recent Studies Have Shown That Offering New Clients A Discount Can Increase Conversion Rates By As Much As 33%.

  • Engage On Enter, Scrolling, Intent To Leave
  • Set timeout Before Engaging
  • Set Engage Frequency (i.e. Once Per Session)
  • Stop After Conversion

Display Important Notices

Do You Hate Emails That Have No Relevance To Your Current Interests? Well, So Do Your Customers.

Entice Includes Tools And Strategies That Keep Your Customer Communications And Marketing Targeted And Relevant.

  • Create Top Bar, Popup, Modal and Full Page Notices
  • Engage On enter Or Based On Behavior
  • Customizable Content And Design

Track Website Activity

With Entice You Can Go Beyond Simple Email Marketing And Have Entice Record All Of Your Web Visitors’ Interactions With Your Website – Even Before They Become A Known Contact.

Entice Can Take This One Step Further By Adding “Tags” To Contact Based On The Product Category Pages They Visit On Your Website. This Allows Entice To Create Targeted eMail Campaigns Based On A Contacts' Current Interest.

  •  Track eMail Reading
  •  Track Page Hits
  •  Track Forms Submitted
  •  Send Follow-up eMails to Contacts

Tag Customers Viewing History

Entice Allows You To Add A Remove Tags To A Contacts Accounts Which Helps You Segment Your Customers. For Example, You May Want To Add A Tag To Differentiate B2C And B2B Contacts Or Break Down Contacts Into Smaller Subgroups.

Tags Can Also Be Used To Identify The Types Of Products The Contact Purchases From You As Well As Other Product Types The Contact Is Currently Viewing.

For Greater Targeting, Tags Can Be Used To Trigger Automated Marketing Campaigns, Then Removed At The End Of The Campaign.

  • Add Tags Based On Purchases
  • Create Automated "Drip" eMail Campaigns
  • Add Tags Based On Product Categories Viewed
  • Add / Remove Tags During Campaigns

Add Lead Points Based On Activity

Entice Allows You To Assign Points To A Contact Depending On How They Interact With Your Brand. For Example, You Can Assign Points When An Email Is Opened, When Links Are Clicked, Forms Submitted, Or Pages Are Visited.

Lead Scoring Is Perfect For B2B Sellers As It Allows You To Monitor A Prospects Interactivity With Your Brand. For Example, You May Meet A Prospect A Tradeshow And Use Lead Scoring To Prioritize Follow Up Calls.

  • Assign Points Based On Opened eMails
  • Assign Points Based On Links Clicked
  • Assign Points Based On Pages Visited

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