Woohaa network on hold - being moved to its own company

As many of you know, we have been working on a comprehensive supply chain solution for the last few years called Woohaa. 

Woohaa is a Consumer to Business to Business (C2B2B) solution that automates product catalog data, transaction processing and selling tools giving retailers a comprehensive “endless isle” solution that they can easily integrate into their stores.

As we started to bring Woohaa to market we found that it will take considerable time, focus and capital in order to properly bring it to market and realize its potential. Given our need to focus on our core solutions, we do not see how we can properly bring Woohaa to market without it taking away our primary focus.

Accordingly we have decided to put Woohaa on hold and transfer its assets to another start-up company that can singularly focus on Woohaa and its value proposition.  Once Woohaa has been properly capitalized, and the right people have been brought on board to manage the company, it will be re launched.

We believe that this is the best decision for not only for the future of Woohaa, but also for the hundreds of companies worldwide that depend on our solutions to manage their business. For those of you that have been working with Woohaa in its beta stage, thank you for your contributions and we look forward to a better Woohaa network in the near future.