Why Your Webservice Connection Is Slow

Connected Business's real-time integration and omni-channel capability helps clients keep track of their transactions as they happen, making them more responsive to the demands of the market. However, a variety of factors can disrupt the end user's connection to the Connected Business application via web service, causing data processing to go slower.

To keep the application functioning at its optimal speed, we recommend fine-tuning some issues using our checklist:

  1. How fast is your internet? 

    Connected Business uses dedicated servers that can house a large amount of data and reliably stream them to clients via a secure web service connection. However, the bandwidth speed may be restricted by the end user's internet connection. Contact your ISP to find out if your internet package is compatible with streaming a large amount of data. Your ISP may also be using an automatic system that restricts bandwidth if they detect a large amount of traffic within a short period. 
  2. Does your workstation have the right specifications?

    To keep customer information as safe as possible, all relevant customer data is stored in a remote server and can be accessed using a secure connection. However, default data such as user roles, plugins, and more are stored in your local work station. If your work unit does not have the right specifications, your remote connection with the server may stall as you try to retrieve data. Your work station may not have the required:

    • Processor 
    • Hard Drive Size
    • RAM Capacity

    Make sure that your work station has the hardware requirements and other recommendations as outlined in our Hardware Requirements online documentation.

  3. Where is your business located? 

    Our server is located within a datacenter in the United States. The physical distance of the datacenter from your business greatly affects the speed of your transactions. If your business is located in the same country as the datacenter, your web services connection will be very quick. However, if your business is located in a country different from the datacenter, the processing of data may need to go through several other datacenters, making information retrieval slower.

Our recommendations...

  • Allocate a dedicated work station for the cache database in order to streamline data processing on the client side. This allows everyone to access the cache database without physically saving it in their workstation, which will free up hard disk space and memory, resulting to an increase in the overall performance of the Connected Business application.
  • Upgrade your existing hard drives, with 5400rpm and below, to a model that has 7200rpm or higher. The higher the hard drive rpm, the faster the data will be accessed. We also advise that your computers maintain at least 16 GB of free hard disk space to anticipate the growth of your database and to keep your computer's access via web services at peak conditions.

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