What You Might Not Know About CB: User Roles Authorization For Reports

System administrators and managers can now generate reports and make them accessible to the right employees using the Connected Business Report Center. Authorizations granted through user roles provide you with substantial flexibility in terms of securing your company, without sacrificing efficiency. Your data can only be accessed by accounts with the right credentials, which can be useful if you are generating reports with varying levels of authorization requirements.

For example, you can authorize your Administrator accounts to access reports about Sales Tax. By granting the only access to administrator accounts, other employees who use Connected Business such as cashiers, web designers, or customer service representatives, will not be able to view the reports.

To assign report access to certain user roles, you first need to set up the User Role settings for Connected Business. On our documentation page, we've broken down the steps for creating and maintaining user roles.

Once the setup is accomplished, you can go to the Report Center and complete the following actions. Click System module > Report Center > User Role to display the user role form. You can then use this to assign access to specific user roles. Assign viewing access checking the tick box on the Visible column and allow editing by checking the tick box under the Allow Designer column.

To learn more how our Report Engine can further benefit your business, check out our video about this topic below:



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