What You Might Not Know About CB: Template Switching

Eye-catching front page design is an ongoing trend among online retail stores. Using interesting color schemes and interesting graphics entice new shoppers and retain the interest of loyal customers. You can apply new designs while still retaining your eCommerce processing capabilities by switching your homepage template through Connected Business eCommerce (CBE).

Template Switching refers to the steps for replacing your home page's (.ascx) file from the default to a customized version. To successfully switch your home page skin, you need to create and design a new homepage (.ascx) file beforehand. You will also need to paste this file to the relevant skin folder located inside the CBE installation folder.


Now, lets gets into the actual steps for template switching. Please note that the Skin we are using for the demonstration is called FitnessStore. 

CBE offer more customization services targeted to greatly enhance the look and feel of your website. Contact us today to find out how you can stand out the online retail market.

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