What You Might Not Know About CB: Responsive Web Design

The rise of mobile technology has created bigger challenges for eCommerce merchants who are looking for a competitive edge within a highly dynamic market. One of these challenges is creating responsive web design that caters to customers who use various browsing devices. Because screen sizes for desktops, tablets, and smartphones have substantial differences, people have different expectations for the way that content is presented on the screen. Web stores that are only designed for desktop screens can become difficult to navigate, a problem that can potentially alienate customers who are using their mobile devices to shop for products.

Connected Business eCommerce helps you create websites that are especially designed to enhance your customers' shopping experience across all devices. You can apply responsive web skins to stores that are powered by Connected Business, while still maintaining the stable eCommerce architecture that keeps your sales processes seamless and efficient.

Connected Business users can choose from a wide array of downloadable pre-designed web skins by browsing our Web Skins page. The free web skins have been optimized for smartphones can be automatically downloaded and applied to your web store. Web skins that are fully optimized for both tablets and smartphones are branded as Premium designs. You can buy them with a limited discount of 30% off when you use the special promotional code which can be found on the web skins page.

Companies that require more customized branding and design can take advantage of the Connected Business Skin Design Services as well. We offer four different design packages which enable you to customize the look and feel of your web store, enabling your brand stand out in your market segment. Services available include logo redesign, topic page generation, front page banner customization, and more.

Online sales reports and surveys of online shopping habits show that a growing number of consumers are performing their online shopping through their tablets and smartphones. While majority of online shoppers still use their desktop to finalize their purchases, optimizing your website to appeal to mobile shoppers opens up your business to a substantial market that puts value on accessibility convenience.

Attract more customers with a beautiful and efficient web store that presents your brand in the best light. Take advantage of our in-house design packages today to improve your company's and performance image and performance.



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