What You Might Not Know About CB: POS Line Item Pop Up

The point-of-sale counter is a key sales touchpoint in every brick-and-mortar store. One of the more ideal solutions to providing better service to your customers checking out items is to have a superior POS software for your business.

Connected Business offers your business a complete, fully-integrated business solution to help you manage your entire business easier. One of Connected Business' main features is the fully-integrated Point-of-Sale module, one of the key selling tools that any business owner should take advantage of.

The POS module offers flexibility and ease-of-use to our customers, as most of the functions included are accessible with a few taps from its beautiful, user-friendly interface. Moreover, the POS module allows you to check for an item's substitute and accessory items, as well as the item's total stock quantity and more information, simply by clicking the line item you have included in your transaction.


Learn more about this POS feature, watch the video we have created for you below.

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