What You Might Not Know About CB: Filter Attribution

An extensive product list poses unique problems for an eCommerce site. While physical stores can display different brands on the same shelf for easier browsing, online stores may list pages and pages of items that can be a hassle to look through. By modifying Connected Business eCommerce, you can include attribution filters that can narrow or expand a category based on different types of product information such as brand, materials, price range, and more.

In order enable Attribution Filters, you need to create various attribution tables that list different defining elements. These elements are then assigned to your entire product matrix, making sure that the proper elements are enabled for individual item codes. Once the element has been assigned, you also need to add a token code inside your skin to properly display the filters.

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to include attribution filters to your web store. Please watch the video below.

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