What You Might Not Know About CB: Creating Blog-Like Posts

Loyal shoppers often check out their favorite online stores periodically in order to see the latest products on offer. They are also on the lookout for great deals such as seasonal sales, loyalty programs, product bundles, and discounts.

You can provide this information and more by publishing informative blog posts within your web store. Connected Business eCommerce (CBE) lets you create fully formatted blog posts that can be collected into an index page for future browsing. For this feature, we are using the versatile Categories and Topics elements within CBE. You need to have access to the Connected Business back office in order to publish blog posts.

The tutorial below lays down the steps for creating blog-like posts in CBE. It starts with the creation of the blog index, then proceeds with the creation of the actual content. The last third of the video shows how to add blog entries to the previously created index.



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