Website Mini Cart Preview

Connected Business has provided a solution to increase online retailers’ website conversion rate, which means turning more online shoppers into one of your most loyal customers, through the use of a mini cart. This feature which uses an advanced and cutting-edge technology will definitely attract attention to your online shoppers while they choose products to purchase.

The mini cart is simply a little version of the full shopping cart. It is basically added to provide more flexibility for your online shoppers. This will let them keep track of their purchases as well as the total amount, update item quantity by adding or deleting an item plus more ways to do similar to the full shopping cart page. All of these are done from a relatively smaller but powerful interface.

It is a full packed feature where it contains direct link to the full shopping cart page, easily checkout when you want to finally purchase the items, add or remove other relevant items which makes your shoppers stay longer within the product page to shop for more items.

This feature is overlaid on the top right part of your website making it easier to view for your shopping cart.

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Enable feature within eCommerce module app configuration. By default, the mini shopping cart is disabled in the app configuration. Search for the MiniCart Enabled option and then set the value to True. You may now save your changes and then refresh your website.

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To add further details on your shopping cart, you may also add relevant products or accessories on a specific product. Once you click the image of an item, the “Products you may also Like” section will display on the mini cart.

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You may add or delete accessory items for a specific item by going to the Item form > Setup tab > and then add item(s) on the Accessory Items section.

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Minicarts are very useful nowadays because they provide an easy and convenient way to shop for everyone! I hope you find this blog post useful for your business.