View Credit Card Payment Responses through the Gateway Response Log Viewer

One of the very helpful and powerful feature that allows you to view gateway responses when credit card payments are made is the Gateway Response Log viewer. Now, you can manage both inbound and outbound transactions that involve credit card payments by easily navigating to this viewer.

Inbound transactions include payments made on the invoices, orders on the online store, over the phone or even on the POS application. For outbound transactions, you can also manage refund payments to your customers that will be credited to their credit card accounts.

With the Gateway Response Log Viewer, this enables you to identify the exact date and time of when the payment was captured successfully or with errors, identify if the payment was authorized, captured or forced or, filter the transactions according to your selected option.

To view the responses of the credit card gateway you are using, go to Banking module > Tools > Response Log. On the Response Log Viewer, the list of all credit card payments is recorded by the gateway which includes the date of the transaction, the document code, reference number, the masked credit card number and the transaction type.

The viewer includes all the transaction types as long as it is using the payment gateway such as POS transactions for both mobile and desktop applications, online store payments or even over the phone transactions with credit card as payment type.

Click on the Detail tab to view the details of the payment transaction.

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The Detail tab consists of the document code which can be viewed by clicking on the document code as well as the response message.

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Credit card payments with errors are also logged in the Response viewer, however, the transactions associated with these logs cannot be viewed. Once the transactions are cancelled or voided, the log associated with the transaction will be deleted from the list of response logs.

For more on this topic, please refer to the Gateway Response Log Viewer online documentation.

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