Validate Customer's Address With Connected Business Address Verification Feature

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Was there ever a time when you shipped an order and found out your shipment has been re-routed due to incorrect or invalid address? Not only that the shipment has been delayed, but you may have spent more in sending the package to the correct address. Frustrating, right?

Well, you don't have to worry about getting your customer's addresses right as Connected Business' Address Verification feature will do it for you.

With this feature, whenever a customer enters an incorrect or incomplete address when creating or updating their account online, the information is compared directly to the shipping carriers database and suggested addresses are provided, allowing the customer to validate the information.

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Also, if an incorrect address is entered when creating a new customer in Connected Business, the Address Verification form will pop up showing the Current Address (the address you entered for the customer) and the Best Match Address (the address from the shipping carriers database). You can select the correct address by clicking the Select Address in the Best Match Address section and this will automatically update the customer's address, city and postal code.

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You can also validate the address directly from the Customer Detail form and Ship To form.

To use this feature, all you have to do is set up carrier account and the address verification configuration.

As of now, FedEx and UPS are the only supported shipping carriers that can validate address.

You need to have a FedEx and UPS account in production mode to use this feature.

FedEx allows the use of Address Validation feature only in production mode and only after you have passed the certification for FedEx Web Services. Once in production, you can request to have the Address Validation activated. To know more on how to obtain a FedEx account, refer to the online document about how to Set Up FedEx Carrier.

UPS also needs a production account to enable the UPS Address Verification Component. To know more on how to obtain a UPS account, kindly read up on how to Set Up UPS Carrier .

In setting up the Address Verification config, just go to Customer module > Tools > Setup > Preferences > Advance Preferences and set Address Verification to True by ticking the Value checkbox. This preference is used to validate the customer's address whenever you create a new customer.

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That's it! Hope this blog post helped.

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