Use Item Price as Kit Price for Kit Items

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post will talk about another enhancement feature in Connected Business.

Introducing, the Customer Pricing for Kit Items option!

This recently-added feature showcases its ability to customize, manage, adjust and use item pricing for the kit components even if the pricing type is set to Kit Price, thus reflecting each kit component as “item-priced”, rather than “kit-priced”.

Now, how will this be beneficial for your business? To sum up, this method extends your pricing flexibility as it lets you employ various price sets for different customers according to your preferences.

Here is a quick do-si-do on how this feature works.

To begin with, you need to enable the Customer Pricing Option. You can go to Inventory > Item > Find Item and select the kit item.

From the Kit Item Detail form, go to Kit Details tab and set your pricing type as Kit Price. Tick Use customer pricing for items radio button.

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Enter the kit components, specify the Sales Price for each component and save your changes. In the image below, we have set 2 components (Stock A and Stock B) with each component having a sales price of $10 and $20 accordingly.

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To make this feature work, make sure that the item price is different from the sales price of the component and the specified Default Pricefor the customer is set to Retail and the Pricing Method to None.

You can check and/or update the price of the item by either double-clicking the item directly from the Kit Details form or through the Inventory > Item > Find Item. In case the Retail Price and Sales Price are the same, update the value in the Retail Price and save your changes.

For this discussion, we have updated the retail price for Stock A and Stock B to $15 and $25 respectively.

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To see how this feature is applied, create a sales order for a customer and add the kit item we configured. Notice in the Kit Configurator, the amount of the kit price is the sum of the kit components’ prices as set in the Item Detail form instead of the price specified in the Kit Item.

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You can refer to Use Customer Pricing for Kit Items online documentation for more info.

I hope you find this post helpful in managing your inventory!