The Rise of WiFi Stores Makes Digital More Personal

Current retail trends are shifting towards creating a more immersive shopping experience both online and off. One aspect that has steadily gained traction is the concept of transforming brick-and-mortar stores into WiFi-powered premises. Retail insidersare banking on the idea that once a physical store has fully integrated their operation with their eCommerce presence, "the distinction between online and on the floor begins to evaporate."  The retail industry is now on the lookout for fully integrated modules that can perform seamlessly in a store that provides free WiFi to their customers. However, the relative youth of the integrated retail market has caused many brands to wonder if having free internet within their premises is a sound investment.

The Case for Free WiFi

Over the years, consumer studies have emerged containing optimistic findings about customer behavior on site when they are provided with complimentary WiFi. The Guardian reports that, "People who use their smartphones in a store are 14% more likely to make a purchase from that retailer." Results also show that stores with dedicated web sites and apps are poised to gain more if shoppers browse through them while inside a store.

SmallBizTrends notes that another study by Devicescape generated similar conclusions, with almost 62% of respondents saying they spent more time within a shop or facility because of WiFi.

WiFi and Connected Business: How It Works

The Bricks and Mobilepresentation revealed at the Future Stores 2014 event further broke down the ideal buying scenario as such:

When a customer walks into a store with her smartphone, she has already initiated the sales process long before entering the premises, relying on smartphone technology to prompt website content around price comparisons and item descriptions. On the floor, the sales associate references the website in making recommendations to the customer.

On our previous blog, we talked about the advantages of installing tablets in your physical store. It empowers your employees to initiate cross channel marketing and ultimately close sales.

If your business includes in-store WiFi, you can use various Connected Business products to manage inventory, customer relations, payment processing, and more. Learn more about real-time integration and how we can help you create unique shopping experiences.

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