The Report Center Tools

The Connected Business' Reports Center is built to be fully customizable. Every report you can come up with it can be personalized with a set of built-in tools. From these set of tools you can design any type of report; include pivot grids and charts, layout colored panels and place additional data fields from your selected data source.

These are the available tool palettes inside the Report Designer form and you can readily use them while designing your custom report. All you need first to do is select a report from the Report Explorer and click Edit from the menu options.

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The first tool set is called the Property Grid. This defines basic property configurations of certain selected elements inside your reports.

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Inside the Property Grid you can tweak the appearance of selected elements in the report, input a Behavior script that runs whenever you toggle it to, set Data tags to the report, input a Design name and set physical Layout rules.

The second tool set is called the Layout Explorer. From here you can maintain the different header and footer banners, and detail areas inside your report. You can view here what data fields are laid out in the report.

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The third tool set is called the Field List. This palette views the different data fields inside your selected form that can be placed inside your report. From here you can drag your selected data field and move them over to your report.

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The fourth tool set is the Tool Box, which contains the different design elements that you can layout inside your report, and the interface controls you can use while maneuvering inside the Report Designer.

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For more of this topic, kindly read the Design Reports online documentation.

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