The Easy Way to Apply Customer Credits to Sales Orders and Invoices

Connected Business v14 helps retailers maintain a long-term connection with their customers through a wide array of powerful customer relationship management solutions. Our CRM delivers a painless conversion of customer credits into payment for new purchases, eliminating redundant paperwork and keeping the sales process as smooth as possible.

These credits can be awarded to customers as an alternative to item replacement or cash refund, and they can be redeemed at any time. If shoppers have received short shipped, mislabeled, defective, or over-billed items, they may be eligible to receive credits.

To successfully apply credits to a customer's sales order or invoiceform, you need to make sure that a credit record already exists. Our Create New Credit Memo online documentation guides you through this simple process.


Applying credits to a sales order starts by creating a New Sales Order. Fill in the fields that specify which customer will receive the shipment and the line items included in the delivery. After that, click on the Add Payment button. The software will then generate a Payment form which you can use to Apply Credits.

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Instead of adding payment, CB 14 can also convert the sales order into an invoice. You can accomplish this by going to the Sales Order Formand clicking on the button that says Convert Sales Invoice.

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CB 14's powerful database allows you to look up Credit Allocation Details without any hassle. Go to the Customer Module and click Customer > Find Customer. Credit Memos can be found under the Transactions Tab of the Customer Detail form.

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Take advantage of the seamless integration that Connected Business v14 can bring to your business. To learn more about this feature, read our Apply Credit Within Sales Order/Invoice Form online documentation. Thanks for reading this post!