Streamlined Sales Tax Report Creation

Your business doesn't have to be stumped in creating Sales Tax reports. Your business doesn't have to endure the lengthy data-mining and processing and the tedious complexities of report-creation when you have in your hands a powerful solution to sales tax report compliance.

Grant yourself peace of mind with Connected Business Reports Center. Our business reporting solution is fully-integrated with all your sales transaction information. Connected Business Reports gets data fields directly from sales invoices and credit memos associated with sales and returns, respectively, and integrates the data into the ready-to-use, correctly-formatted Sales Tax report. All you have to do is print.

You have the option to print your Sales Tax reports based on which tax scheme you want. You may also print multiple tax schemes in one Sales Tax report all at once with Connected Business Report Center.

Connected Business Reports offers an easy solution to Sales Tax reporting challenges in a few simple steps. We can access Connected Business Reports from any module in the backend application. Let's click the Report Center button to display the Report Center interface.

To be able to access specific reports, make use of the Report Explorer by searching the specific report. If you're looking for a sales tax report, you may type in Sales Tax on the search bar. To open our report in the Report Designer view, let's click Edit from the menu options bar.

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The Report Designer view gives us an in-depth view of our Sales Tax report - from the data fields that comprise the report to the aesthetic formatting options available for use.

The Sales Tax Report has a pre-built content which includes tax scheme, tax group and tax components whenever the sales invoices and credit memos are available. The data source used, SalesTaxReportView, has already been set, the required data fields are already laid out and sorted, and the calculated fields in the summary group made available.

It's easy, fast and accurate, and all changes made from the tax components and tax schemes settings are immediately applied to the Sales Tax report data fields and calculated fields.

The Report Center Print Dialog box offers a wide array of options for printing the Sales Tax report, one of which is to print separate reports per tax scheme.

To elaborate, first we will view our whole Sales Tax report with all the tax schemes included. This, in itself, is a powerful feature indeed, as you can include all tax schemes with sales invoices and credit memos for returns for more comprehensive Sales Tax reports.

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There are two tax schemes detailed inside our Sales Tax reportLocal Tax 1 and Local Tax Scheme. Now we will try to print only the Local Tax 1 report section. From our Report Designer view let's click on the Print dropdown menu and then select the Print Dialog option.

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From the Print Dialog box, we will set the Filter Criteria to display only the Local Tax 1 tax scheme information on our printed report. We will select the Print-to-File option and save our report as a bitmap image.

From the Filter Criteria pane, let's click on the Plus sign beside Andand a filter criteria will be displayed. Select Tax Scheme from the first operator of the parameter and enter Local Tax 1 as our entry on the second parameter. Make sure that the middle operator is set as Equalsto look exactly for our Local Tax 1 tax scheme.

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Now that all the options we need are configured, we're all set to print the document. Click Print and our report will be ready for viewing.

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How do you usually create your Sales Tax reports? Tell us your experiences in the Comments box below.

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