Sneak Peek: The Connected Business Report Center

Unlike other enterprise software in the market, Connected Business has an integrated module that carries in itself powerful reporting capabilities called the Report Center.

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Creating new reports from scratch are also very intuitively-designed as you will be guided carefully through the New Report Wizard.

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You can also create your own report through using the preset blank templates or create your own reports from a blank document. Remember - all the tools you need can be found inside the Report Designer interface.

The Report Center carries multiple functions that calls all the Connected Business modules for data tables and information to create most of the types of reports viable for most industry levels.

Packed with Basic Reporting Tools

Its basic features include importing reports from other report writers through its own Import and Export functions. You can export your multiple reports in one go.

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The Print Dialog feature is also a strong point of the Reports Module; like major word processing software the Reports Module has integrated the bigger and more important functions into the Print Dialog to help you print your reports how you want it.

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Create your own Report Layout

Bring out your creativity so you can design your reports in any way you want with the Report Designer. From the Report Designer interface you can explore the possibilities of creating a new report or an existing one, from arranging all the tables and getting the data sources you need.

The Data Sources can be assigned from any information pool inside Connected Business. Using the Data Sourcesfunction you can scan through all types of relevant information you can use for your report.

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Single Repository for all your Reports

Another one of its powerful features is that all reports from all throughout the Connected Business solution is available for you through the Reports Explorer. The Reports Explorer is the section that looks like a file explorer - only that it shows all the available reports for you to modify.

We will have a Webinar about the Reports Module titled, "Creating Reports in Connected Business For Really Smart Dummies," on January 28, 7:00PM to 8:00PM (Pacific Time). The Webinar closely tackles the issues of creating reports and how the integrated approach of Connected Business makes it easier to do so. To join the webinar click this link.

Creating reports with integrated data across all the modules you need has never been easier through Connected Business. Here's more of why I think so: Reports.

You are also more than welcome to join our discussions about Connected Business. You can visit the Connected BusinessForums.

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