Show Running POS Transaction via Secondary Display

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On this blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Sale Mobile’s Secondary Display feature. 

Mainly, the secondary display is a mirror image of a primary POS workstation to allow customers to view their items on hand, as well as running transactions upon payment. Using this display also allows Connected Sale admin users to monitor POS activities using the main mobile POS workstation from another mobile POS device. 

Let’s take a quick-n-close look on how this generally works.

To start off, be sure that you have installed the Connected Sale application to a second Apple device, then configure the POS connection by using the same web service address of your primary POS workstation, and choosing the Workstation ID, from which you want to connect as secondary display to. 

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Please note that currently, Connected Sale Mobile app is available for iPad only, and can be installed via the AppStore.

Once you have successfully installed and configured the connections to your iPad, the POS will launch the Secondary Display, mainly for viewing and monitoring transactions made from the primary POS workstation. 

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Please refer to Enable Secondary Display online documentation for the full scope of this feature. 

Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope this helps in managing your POS transactions. 

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