Shipping Configuration for FedEx Saturday Pick Up

Most companies specifically those with online stores prefer to have their shipments delivered in an efficient practice, one with affordable shipment rates on a fast delivery pace to meet customers' needs. With Connected Business, we offer a great solution to cater your business needs a flexible way to have your customers’ orders picked up by your preferred carrier in the most affordable and quick delivery right in front at their doorstep.

The addition of FedEx.SaturdayPickup shipping configuration allows you to have your shipments picked up by FedEx on a Saturday (if enabled) or have it picked up on a regular weekday which does not include Saturdays for pick up. Depending on the urgency of shipping your orders, you have the option to use this shipping configuration or not. However, take note that when orders are picked up on a Saturday, shipping carriers usually charge them on a higher shipment rate than pickups that takes place on a regular weekday.

Setting FedEx Saturday Pick up Service

You can setup the FedEx.SaturdayPickup Shipping configuration by turning it off or on. To do this, you may go to Shipping module ► Setup► Shipping Configuration. Search for “SaturdayPickup” and then set the value to False if you want to disable the Saturday pick up or true to enable it.

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When an order has been placed and it to be picked up by the carrier on a Saturday, you can compare the shipment rates for a Saturday pick up against a regular weekday on the following screenshots below. The first one with higher shipping rates enables the Saturday pick up shipping configuration. The last screenshot with lower shipping rates has disabled Saturday Up shipping configuration.

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For more information about FedEx Saturday Pick up, you may refer to our FedEx Saturday Pick-Up Configuration online documentation.

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