Set Up Email Notification When Placing an Order in the Webstore

In order for your customers to receive email notification as soon as they placed an order on your website, you need to setup few tools to have it up and running. You can then automatically send email notifications to your customer as well as the web admin of your webstore.

Step 1 - Set Up Email Web Service

For every fresh install of Connected Business, you need also need to setup the Email Service Wizard before you can send and receive any notifications such as order confirmation, order acknowledgement reports and more. Proceed to the next step if you already have a web service running in your computer.

    1. Go to Start > All Programs > Connected Business 13.x > ToolsConnected Email 13.x. Alternately, you may directly type on the Start Search bar and key in “Connected Email”. The Email Service Wizard will then display. Click Next to continue.

    2. On the Log-on page, set up the configuration to access your company database. This works similar with the application configuration tool. Click Next to continue.

    3. On the Settings page, configure the email service by setting up the fields indicated. More importantly, you need to setup the correct Path to Executable field that points out to the service email manager within your Connected Business folder. Note: The Start Type field allows you to set the email service automatically when you start running your computer.

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    4. Click Install button.

    5. After the Email Service has been installed, click Start button to start running the email service. You are now ready to setup the email account in Connected Business. Click Next to continue.
      Note: Once the service has been started, you cannot modify any fields in the General tab. You must stop the service first before you can modify these fields. 

    6. Click Finish to complete the Email Service.

Step 2 - Set Up Default Email Account

    1. Go to CRM module, click Mail button from the menu. The Email Account Wizard will display, then click Next to continue.

    2. On the Email Accounts page, click Add button. On the Server Type page, select on the Server type you wish to create the new account with e.g. POP3, then click Next to continue.

    3. On the Internet Email Settings page, specify the information on the fields. Click Next to continue. The email account will now be successfully added.

    4. Click on the More Settings button to setup the port numbers for the email account used. For more information, refer to Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Settings.

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    5. Go to eCommerce module, click on Tools ► Webstore. Select the website, click on the Detail tab. On the eMail Confirmation section, select the Default Email Account on the drop down list. The Account name will be automatically filled.

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    6. This email account will serve as the default email account which will send the email confirmation report to the customers who placed orders. Click Save and Close button from the menu options.

Step 3 - Enable Sending Email Notification to Customer Contact

    1. Go to Customer module, click Customer > Find Customer. You can select any customer by double clicking it from the Bill to Customers or Ship to Customers tab. 

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    2. On the Customer form, click Contact tab > ContactInformation. Make sure that that OK to Email button is enabled with the correct email address of the contact (located beside the Email field).

If a Customer has placed an order, he/she should receive an email notification that the order has been confirmed. At the same time, the store owner or the web administrator should also receive a notification that the web order has been placed by a customer.

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Thank you for reading this blog and have a nice day! Hope you’ll find this article helpful in your business needs. For more details on each of these steps, refer to the our Online Documentations for Configure Email Service ManagerSetup user Email Accounts and Webstore Notifications.

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