Set Notes in Advance using the Predefined Notes

Hello Everyone! Today, I will be sharing a very useful feature to be used on many forms of Connected Business. Predefined Note, is a tool that allows you to conveniently and automatically include preset comments or instructions through notes. With this feature, you don't need to type information or messages repeatedly. You can now attach specific notes to be applied for certain orders, customers or eCommerce forms making it easier for you to communicate with them. One other advantage of this, is that all your notes are organized into a single entity, you can edit when necessary and checks on any typographical error which makes it great for you to do other equally important tasks.

These are notes that can be widely used in most of the transactions in Connected Business e.g. Sales Order form, Sales Invoice form, etc. Users can even set predefined notes that can be made known to customers or set it privately within your organization. You can create and add as many predefined notes within a transaction form. The workflow on how to use the predefined notes in any transaction forms is shown below:

Creation of the Predefined Note is very simple. First, we need to open the Predefined Notes from the Setup menu of the CRM module. Once the form is displayed, you can now specify the fields required on the form. The Notes field contains the information you want to convey within your organization or to your customers.

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Ability to control and add transaction types to the Note. Predefined note is built with an intuitive interface making it easier for you to attach transaction forms to it. This feature is one very nifty component since you only need to select forms in a single environment. After a successful creation of the predefined note, you can now add the note to the specific transaction form.

On the transaction type column, you can set the predefined note as to what transaction form it should be applicable e.g. Sales Order form. You can also add as many forms on the transaction type column. For a note to make it visible or confidential to your organization or customers, you may tick on the checkbox and select between internal or public values. Internal notes are intended to be used within an organization or company use, while public notes makes it visible to all.

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Last but not the least, assign notes to a transaction form. Suppose we want to assign the predefined note created earlier to a transaction form. In this case, we want to have it used in the Sales Order form. It's so easy to include the predefined notes on a transaction form, you just have to remember going to the Notes tab. All of the transaction form contains Notes tab which you could use to attach a note.

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The Note Editor has a built-in spell check functionality. Once a word is misspelled, you can either check the spelling by clicking on the word; right-click and select the right word suggested by the Spell Checker. You may also click Add to Dictionary to add new words.

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If a note is edited manually, you can add "User Log" by right clicking on the note editor then select Add User Log option. Once clicked, the system will automatically generate the user who is currently logged in as well as the current date and time the note was edited.

Once we have assigned a note to a specific transaction form, you may now be able to print the report. Make sure that you have checked the public checkbox from the Predefined Noted form or added the note in the Sales Order form. Below is an snapshot of a report with a sample note.

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You will learn and see more cool stuff in the next few weeks as we share Connected Business product as a whole.

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