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Having confusions when it comes to sending batch after batch of report attachments via email can be a stressful task. Usually, this causes email flooding, errors, inadvertent sending of wrong attachments to recipients, document duplicates, all of which could equate to confidentiality problems, or even losses.

That’s why today, we will be tackling Report Center’s Split Attachmentoption to save you from these risky scenarios when sending report docs.

This option uses different sending scenarios which direct the system to automatically generate and send individual email attachments to the appropriate recipients.

Here’s a preview on how this generally works.

Let’s say you need to send invoice reports to a certain number of customers. To do this, go to the Report Center of the Customermodule. Open the invoice template from the Reports Explorer > Reports > System Reports > Customer > Document Templatesfolder.

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From the Report Center form, click the Edit button on the Generalmenu section to open the Invoice Template form. Tweak the layout, fields or the grid of the report according to your report needs/preferences, and set it as your report template default.

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Alternatively, you can open the Email/Fax Setting by clicking the ellipsis button from the Print Dialog box. However, opening the Email/Fax Setting using this method will prevent the system from saving the changes in the form as defaults.

On the Email/Fax channel, select how you want to send the emails to the intended recipients. Select Send to user entered recipient if you want to manually input email addresses of the recipients; or Document entered recipient to allow the system to generate the recipients according to the data source, and will be sent through email or fax using the conditions set to the fields.

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The Email Option section is where you can configure how you want the email reports to be sent. Each option corresponds to a specific sending task for your emails. In configuring the email options, you may refer to the following configuration scenarios:

  1. By ticking both Email each documents as separate attachmentsand Send separate emails for each recipients checkboxes, the system will automatically send different emails with the corresponding attachment to specific recipients separately.
  2. If the Send Separate emails for each recipients is checked and the Email each documents as separate attachments is not, the system will send single report attachment to different recipients separately.
  3. If the Email each documents as separate attachments is checked and the Send Separate emails for each recipients is unchecked, the system will send different emails with the corresponding attachment to specific recipients in the same email message window.
  4. If both options are unchecked, the system will send single attachments to different recipients from the same email message window.

On this example we are using configuration scenario A to send the reports. Switch to the Message tab to customize the default title and the message body of the email. Click OK to generate the emails.

You can go to CRM module > Mail > Outbox to view the pending emails generated by the system.

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If you open the email, notice that each Invoice Report attachments are all properly-sorted according to the invoice codes, and ready to be sent.

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To ensure confidentiality in sending emails using this feature, it is always a best practice to double-check all the necessary details of your emails before hitting the Send button.

For the full scope of this topic, refer to the Specify Email/Fax Recipients online documentation.

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