Send Single Shipping Notification For Multiple Shipments

Customers want the ability to keep track of their shipments, but they also don't want the inconvenience of receiving multiple notifications that can clutter the email inbox. In Connected Business 14, you can streamline this process by creating notifications that list all the package details in a single email.


This feature allows you to send single shipping notifications that can be used to inform customers via email about the details of the orders. The information contained in this notification will include:

  • Items included in the shipment
  • Company of the carrier
  • Tracking number
  • Shipping date

To use this feature, go to Customer module > Order > New Order. Click on a name from the Ship To Customer list to load the Sales Order form. When you click on the Shipment List tab, a prompt will ask you to create a new record.

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Click Yes to launch the Shipment Order form. The form contains a list of the items included in a package, as well as information about the Shipment Carrier, Ship To Address, and more.

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Once you've successfully filled out the details, you can click on the Complete Shipment (ALT + F6) button to finalize the transaction.

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The Shipment form has a Send Email (ALT + F5) button that will be activated once the Shipment has been completed. Click Send Email to notify the customer of the transaction.

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Your customer will then receive a single Shipping Notification that contains the tracking information for their packages. This image is an example of the final correspondence.

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To learn more about this feature, read our online documentation detailing How to Send Single Shipping Notifications. Have a great day, and thank you for reading this post!

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