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In today’s blog post, we will talk about audit trail logs. Basically, audit trails are set of records showing a detailed sequence of activities done in the application. These show who has accessed the application and what operations have been performed at a given period. While this is useful for supervising all actions from all users, not to mention recovering lost transactions, these log files will eventually crowd the database. That is why, Connected Business comes equipped with a way to purge and/or archived audit trail logs.

Let’s see how this feature works.

To get things started, you need to set the maximum storage limit for audit trail logs and enable system notification when maximum storage limit is reached. You can go to the System Manager module > Setup > System Preference to do this.

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Once set, whenever the maximum limit for storing audit trail logs is reached, a notification will pop-up upon logging-in to Connected Business.

To start purging and/or archiving audit trail logs, launch the Audit Trail Purge and Archive Wizard, which can be accessed from the System Manager module > Audit Trail > Manage Audit Trail.

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When purging, you have the option to archive the purged files and save it to Excel or XML format, as well as set the filter criteria for the logs to be purged.

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You also have the option to keep financials-related data. Just make sure to tick the Retain Financials Related Only checkbox.

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Once you start purging and/or archiving data, the time it takes to purge and/or archive the data depends on the amount of logs selected.

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For more details on this, you can check Purge / Archive Audit Trail Logs online documentation.

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