Retrospective Analysis: Accounts Payable Report

Building a relationship with your customers is as important as building trust with your suppliers. No goods can be sold to your customers without a trusted supplier to continuously supply you with the goods you need. To help you manage the expenses as well as balance your financial health, Connected Business has added the Accounts Payable Analysis Report.

The Accounts Payable Analysis Report in Connected Business provides a comprehensive report solution to help you analyze and manage cash expenditures towards your suppliers. The report is categorized in general by currency codes if you are paying in multiple currencies. Transactions such as bills and payments are viewed per period to make it easier for you to know how much your outstanding balances are in a given period for a specific supplier.

Each currency codes have sub totals reported and the grand total is added after each currency codes. The fields that are stated in base are amounts in the home currency.

View the A/P Analysis Report

This report can be easily accessed through the Report Center menu of any modules in Connected Business. On the Report Explorer pane, click on Reports ► System Reports ► Accounting ► Retrospective Analysis.

Set the Filter Criteria on A/P Analysis Report

Suppose you want to view a detailed record on the payables within a specific period and would like to know how many transactions have balances greater than 500, click on Print > Print Dialog button from the menu options.

On the Filter Criteria section, click the  button to add a new condition. Select the “Gross Amount” and the “Period Code” to include the condition in the A/P Retrospective Reports.

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Print the A/P Analysis Report

After setting the filter criteria, you may now print the file by clicking the Print button. Select the way you want it to print such as print to file, preview, print, fax or email.

When you update any of these transactions, these automatically reflected real-time to the Accounts Payable Retrospective report. The snapshot below is a sample A/P Analysis report for all transaction types.

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For more information about the Accounts Payable Retrospective report, refer to the Accounts Payable Analysis Report Online Documentation.

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