Release Notes for Connected Business 23.1

Version CB23 SP1 (23.1.8502)

Release Date: 04/14/2023


Upgrade Considerations:

Important Reminders: The auto update will not overwrite the installation folder for CBE instead it will create a folder "CBEUpdate" that contains the update/changes for CBE that can manually be applied to your CBE or web folder. Please back up the database and all server components, including website folders, before upgrading. The web services component (User Internet Connection) is no longer supported and was removed from this version.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Minimum Requirement from Installer
  • ERP Web Services have been removed from this release. Please use VPN instead (with our cloud client edition). 
  • If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You In Version 19 Or Earlier, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile it In Version 20-23 SD

For those upgrading from version 19 and below and made customizations for the following forms:

  • Sale Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • RMA
  • Credit Memo
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Goods Received

You will need to re-arrange the layout of your customizations for them to operate properly.


The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login into your account to continue to download the installer. For CB23 clients, updates will automatically show in the DBMC.

New Features and Key Benefits


  • Connected Warehouse 23 Mobile App (Compatible with both Android and Apple Devices)
  • Allow Client app to generate activation code for Cloud Edition User Registration
  • Support for Taxjar Calculation in Sales Quote


  • Algolia Search Integration - an AI-powered search and discovery platform for dynamic experiences that helps businesses maximize the speed of search and discovery while solving the pain of relevance tuning through AI.
  • Added eCommerce AppConfig "SiteMap.ShowProducts" to show Google Sitemap Product Links
  • Revamp Connected Business Ecommerce Topic Manager



  • Autoupdate to CB 23 Overwrote Configuration File
  • Cart Rover - Wrong tax calculation in Sales Order/Invoice
  • Taxjar - Error opening taxjar job plan settings option
  • Job Service is not executing the job plan automatically
  • Could not create build assembly
  • CB Core Edition created 2 company setup connections after the installation
  • Error opening taxjar service for newly upgraded database
  • Connected Warehouse - could not process receive an item
  • Connected Warehouse - could not save entered quantity
  • Connected Warehouse - Transfer will not display the location if you first enter the item
  • Connected Warehouse - Couldn't Complete Pack, Receive, and Transfer
  • Connected Warehouse - Go Back button is not working
  • Connected Warehouse - Error in completing Pack


  • Discontinued/unselected Matrix Items still showing online
  • Discontinued products are showing on the category page


  • UK HMRC Making Tax Digital function has disappeared after the upgrade to the latest version
  • Error in generating Retrospective Reporting

Entice Marketing

  • No data in the Company's History Records


Previous Versions of CB23:

Version CB23 (23.0.8411)

Release Date: 01/13/2023

New Features and Key Benefits


  • Import Center - New and Simplified Import Tools
  • Syncware Connector
  • SyncSpider Integration
  • SEO for BlogEngine
  • Removed Web Services (Internet Connection)
  • Add the "Customer Type" column in the Find Customer dashboard
  • Added "AutoDepositRefund" in customer advanced preference, forcing the system to automatically deposit refund transactions
  • Upload current invoices with tracking numbers to Entice
  • Entice Support for multiple websites


  • Show Stock hint per item on the category page.
  • Add eCommerce application config to show or not to show the "Register" option on the sign-in page.
  • Add eCommerce application config "SiteMap.ShowProducts" to display products in googlesitemap.ashx
  • Checkout option item by Category
  • Add extra category descriptions in Web Manager
  • Change product title HTML tag to H1
  • Allow user to choose warehouse (store) in storelocator page if app config "ShowInventoryFromAllWarehouses" is set to "false"
  • eCommerce WebManager Email Designer
  • Google Search Product


  • Add a flag to exclude a marketplace from uploading to Entice from a CartRover order
  • Webhook Update Contact Id
  • Entice RSS Feeds
  • Entice Shipment Acknowledgement
  • Created a Campaign to Send Invoice and Order Acknowledgement

Fixed issues


  • TaxJar not calculating freight tax for taxable freight States
  • TaxJar not sending all posted Invoices and Credit Memo
  • Could not download Shopify Orders from CartRover
  • Postal code with an extension not saving in the correct field for downloaded CartRover Orders
  • When logging in to CB, if "Remember Me" is UNCHECKED, every find form will crash with an "Object Reference Missing" error.
  • Error in executing CartRover Job Plan for Order Download
  • Data Dictionary fails when adding a table with a primary key with data type date
  • Custom Field added did not save in the form
  • Increased Custom Field length on CustomerInvoice table but it isn't allowing the new length of characters to be inputted
  • Could not save email account to a team
  • DBMC "client update" option changed by itself
  • AP Retrospect View Showing Incorrect Data
  • Copying a module in the user role will give an error
  • Custom Views are being put under and currently under System View Folder and can't be moved or modified
  • Dashboard wallpaper not updated
  • Remove the configuration menu in Entice Module
  • In Interprise.Connector.Shipping.ShippingInterface, CreateShipmentFromSO, and CreateShipmentInvoice do not work
  • Custom field formatting issue for "Number" Type
  • Auto update new license expiration date during login without registering the database thru DBMC
  • Rows are missing from the SystemUserPreference table (emailadmin and eshopadmin)
  • REST web service call to create an item does not work correctly
  • Could not save changes in Item Web Option Description 2 to 5 tab
  • Problems With Data Dictionary
  • Duplicate the "Custom Reports" folder when saving as custom reports


  • Product image title displays large instead of medium for medium image
  • Adding an inventory item bundle causes the item form bundle tab to crash
  • Data not being saved on the item form web options tab
  • Error viewing Matrix Product
  • Improve Product Suggestions Page
  • WebManager reset category cache not working
  • MSBuild Issue with Maxmind GeoIP Dependency
  • Google Analytics 4 Ecommerce Tracking Data Layer
  • Make Web Manager Edit AppConfig Name, Desc, and GroupName fields read-only
  • Hide pricing level if one quantity price break is setup
  • Skin Manager Menu Editor Target Option
  • The shipping method displays the miscellaneous amount even if the service type is not available
  • eShopConnected project Lerryn.Facade.ImportExport file ImportExportProcessFacade.vb Function CreateInvoice defect
  • Unable to Upload Website Skin "Entity is too large"


  • Duplicate Sales Order Workflow Issue
  • The customer Receipt Top Section is Empty When Opening another receipt
  • Discontinue Item shows after clicking the Refresh button in the Find Item dashboard
  • Customer form showing the incorrect outstanding balance
  • An opening customer shows an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error
  • Clicking the Refresh button in the Find Open Sales Order dashboard will show closed orders
  • Could not print Customer Statements
  • Sales Order Form showing Inventory information from the order which was opened previously
  • Error in Posting Customer Receipts
  • Customer Form goes grey or shows incorrect information
  • The credit Card Charged in the customer profile charged the wrong customer
  • The sales Order Line Item location drop-down still shows an in-active location/warehouse
  • Customer Website Login tab caching bug
  • Description and the Prices were not carried over to Duplicate Sales Order 
  • Back Orders failing to convert to invoices
  • Changing Payment Term in Sales Order/Invoice not used in the Payment form
  • Converting sales quote to sales order changes tax value
  • The customer form bank details tab displays the wrong information
  • Convert Prospect To Customer, unable to cast object type error
  • "The drop ship PO is not yet received" when the drop ship PO has been received. 


  • 'Signature Required' does not show in the Shipment label report
  • Third-Party Billing Info not saved and use in Shipment
  • Could not save changes in the shipping method carrier detail tab when there are multiple locations


  • Default Call Out Report doesn't show problem or solution text
  • Emailing a report to user-selected email addresses is creating two emails for one person
  • Error when creating Target List


  • The "On Order" fails to reduce properly upon multiple GRN postings for the same PO
  • The reservation tab was gone in the Purchase Order form
  • Item cost on GRN getting incorrectly changed by the system after receiving a reduced quantity
  • Posting Goods Received returned error ConcurrencyException
  • Changing the quantity in GRN will change/update the cost based on the current cost
  • Open Supplier Credit Memo is not showing in the "Open" Filter
  • Auto Allocate Free Stock and PO Reservation not working properly
  • Could not create Purchase Orders on Laptops
  • Could not process drop ship PO for non-stock Item
  • "On Order" negative quantity/value 
  • Supplier Receivables that have Serial Numbers are not working properly
  • Format Not Displaying Correctly when using Main Menu Create from Supplier


  • Item Pricing Wizard Protected Columns
  • Duplicate Menu Item Web option
  • Inventory Profit Analysis error
  • Inventory Quantities are Not Correct
  • Saving a Build Assembly says "Record Already Exists" 
  • Item Analysis Caching Bug
  • Wrong "Kg" value when importing weight in pounds


  • The system screen froze when performing a bank deposit for more than 30 receipts

POS (Connected Sale)

  • POS Settings Receipt Tab Not Responding


  • Add Pricing fields with Currency format to Entice Custom fields
  • The order and invoice that were already uploaded will not be re-uploaded


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