Release Notes for Connected Business 23.1 Build 8636

CB23.1 Build 8636

Release Date: 2023-08-25


General Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

New!  Supplier - Enable changing Quantity for Partial Purchase Orders, The user can now change quantity in a partial PO not lower than the already received quantity
New!  Supplier - Added a dropdown button in the bill form toolbar to display the payment allocated to the bill and added a text box to display the Amount Paid and Balance of the bill.
New!  Shipping -Support for shipment creation for posted Sales Invoices, all posted invoices w/out shipment are now showing in the shipping module's new shipment menu

Improved! Fixed.  Banking - Bank Transfer to the other bank that has different currently has the wrong amount in the journal entries
Improved! Fixed.  CBE - The website's currency symbol is wrong
Improved! Fixed.  CBE - Could not update/create the website's address
Improved! Fixed.  CBE- The website's Account Order History not showing the Sales Order after converted to Invoice
Improved! Fixed.  Updated the stored procedures and views to resolve crashing/deadlock issues on the website


Improved! Fixed.  Update stored procedure dbo.PostAdjustReservationTransactions.sql to fix the error in posting GRN
Improved! Fixed.  Error during importing Item Web Option and Description in the new Import Center
Improved! Fixed.  Bank payment or receipt does not automatically calculate tax
Improved! Fixed.  Supplier Bill is not being automatically raised when processing commissions
Improved! Fixed.  The capture button is missing after authorizing credit card payment in the Customer Sales Order
Improved! Fixed.  CBE - Error in the Store locator
Improved! Fixed.  Allow creation of a Debit Note before a payment has been applied in the Supplier Bill
Improved! Fixed.  Inventory - Adding items to the Manufacturer will not save
Improved! Fixed.  The location of the report and folder created under the report center did not get save
Improved! Fixed.  Exchange rate changed to 1 for all Customer Invoices after upgrading to version 23.1
Improved! Fixed.  Add a “New Payment” button next to the “New Bill” button in the Supplier Form
Improved! Fixed.  Some order transactions from Cart Rover were not imported to Connected Business
Improved! Fixed.  Notify When Available feature is not sending or generating email notifications

The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login into your account to continue to download the installer. For CB23 clients, updates will automatically show in the DBMC.

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