Release Notes for Connected Business 22

Release Notes for Connected Business 22


Release Date: TBA


Upgrade Considerations:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Minimum Requirement from Installers
  • Biggest Technology Change Since Version 13
  • If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile it In The New Version 22 SDK
  • Third Party Developers Will Need The Latest Versions Of Our Third Party Components
  • eCommerce Upgrade Requires Upgrading Skin And Inner Elements From Bootstrap 3 To 4

New Features and Key Benefits


New! Auto update Updater Tool
New! Add a flag in DBMC to control the client auto update
New! Calculate Total Purchase Requisition/Quote Per Item
New! Ability to create Batch Expense Bill
New! Ability to import Expense in Bill
New! CBE Product Reviews Improvement
New! CBE Allow Gift Cards to Work While Not Logged in
New! Add a flag if the item can be shown in the sales quote, order, Invoice, RMA, and Credit Memo Search Grid.
New! Purchase Order Batch Due Date Change
New! Notification to Complete the purchase order
New! Add 100 as new option for Download Order Limit in Configuration
New! Allow modifying Quantity Needed for each component when building an assembly


New! Upload the ContactType and Contact Default Pricing
New! Job Item and Job Criteria to Update Contact Last Order, Last Invoice and Last Invoice Tracking
New! Upload current orders to Entice
New! Upload current invoices with tracking numbers to Entice
New! Upload customers to Entice
New! Upload customers to Entice
New! Upload customers to Entice

What's Improved


Improved! Fixed. Running the auto update or installing a new patch version will reset the database connection or the configuration. 
Improved! Fixed. Error downloading cartrover orders when CB shipping assign does is not included in the group
Improved! Fixed. Error "The report server returned an error" when adding Items in POS 
Improved! Fixed. Adding Items in SO switches to Items and should stay in Home
Improved! Fixed. Error when updating or extracting the server patch because of the email and job services running
Improved! Fixed. Adding of the line item is too slow using the web service connection
Improved! Fixed. Clicking on the Buttons for Docs, Videos, Forum, Training and Blog now open using the default browser of the user.
Improved! Fixed. CB Indexing Issue
Improved! Fixed. Adding New Custom Search Results to Removing the Default System Search
Improved! Fixed. CartRover - New configuration if the tax will be coming from the System, CartRover, TaxJar, or None.
Improved! Fixed. CartRover Connector could not download Shopify Orders
Improved! Fixed. CartRover - CB Order  Total not the same with CartRover order total
Improved! Fixed. CartRover - CB generated or created shipto is not pulling up the CartRover Shipping Info.
Improved! Fixed. Unable to read data when searching for shipping method in Cartrover config
Improved! Fixed. Creating or saving and closed a new user account will minimize CB Apps
Improved! Fixed. Error in workboard Menu in the modern web menu
Improved! Fixed. Changing cache db connection will not update the data in configuration.
Improved! Fixed. Transactions are NOT showing in TaxJar website
Improved! Fixed. Black corner on BI screen
Improved! Fixed. Can't Hide some menus under System
Improved! Fixed. Import Manager, Customer Opening Balance, creates bad opening balance rows
Improved! Fixed. Error in downloading CartRover orders for UK currency/clients
Improved! Fixed. Can't log in after entering the password in the second attempt
Improved! Fixed. Updated UPS Carrier Server URLs
Improved! Fixed. Menu Clean Up
Improved! Fixed. GDPR Preferences Form Not Loading
Improved! Fixed. Add Visual C++ Redistributable 2015/2017 Prerequisite in the Installation
Improved! Fixed. Form Switching or minimizes after clicking on the notification
Improved! Fixed. Black screen in the corner of Restrospective Analysis Form
Improved! Fixed. Could not save newly user account created teams when connecting thru web services
Improved! Fixed. Unable to download orders from Cart Rover
Improved! Fixed. Importing customers will not show under Find Customer and NO shipto records created
Improved! Fixed. CB generated or created shipto is not pulling up the CartRover Shipping Info.
Improved! Fixed. CartRover - Add 100 as a new option for Download Order Limit in Configuration
Improved! Fixed. Changing cache DB connection will not update or the correct value in the configuration.
Improved! Fixed. Batch Invoice and Credit Total Will not update when you add the first the GL Accounts Net Total
Improved! Fixed. Error deleting Item from existing SO
Improved! Fixed. Form Switching or minimizes after clicking on the notification
Improved! Fixed. Recent Transactions tab showing transactions for newly created Item
Improved! Fixed. Error " There is no row at position 0" when creating order or Invoice
Improved! Fixed. Add In Requisition Fixer in DBMC Data Verifier
Improved! Fixed. Assign Default Account Code for Undeposited Receipt is Wrong in Demo Company


Improved! Fixed. The display Column field will not reflect correctly on the website.
Improved! Fixed. Site map not showing products
Improved! Fixed. Gift card removed in the Cart after Checkout
Improved! Fixed. Password Template - Not Setup
Improved! Fixed. Inventory/eCommerce – Web Option Description From First Item Shows Up on Succeeding Items
Improved! Fixed. Sales Order is created instead of posted Invoice when shopping cart order is fully paid by gift card
Improved! Fixed. Error in adding Items to cart and register user for the first time
Improved! Fixed. Adding Product Ratings will goto the very bottom of the page
Improved! Fixed. Web Store Error After Upgrade
Improved! Fixed. Enter gift code Save and Cancel buttons are not working
Improved! Fixed. When saving notes on the eCommerce site for an order, it saves to the Customer table and should be in the contact table
Improved! Fixed. New Store User Account Email Link Has Double Slashes, Causing A 404
Improved! Fixed. Could not upload images for gift cards/certificates via Web Admin dashboard
Improved! Fixed. Adding new customer contact through the main customer form, the contact's website code isn't being filled into the CRMContact record
Improved! Fixed. Wrong text in website Order Notification
Improved! Fixed. Web side filters are not sorted properly
Improved! Fixed. Error in removing and adding Item mapping in Category


Improved! Fixed. Customer Analysis Monthly Trading data caching issue
Improved! Fixed. Could not open more than one shipping address
Improved! Fixed. Customer Form Analysis Tab Error
Improved! Fixed. Caching issue in creating credit card payment
Improved! Fixed. Bug in contact form caching/validation
Improved! Fixed. Duplicate Record Error when creating Credit Card payment
Improved! Fixed. Duplicating Quote causes Application to Hang without any error message.
Improved! Fixed. Saved Credit Card is not showing when creating a payment in Invoice form
Improved! Fixed. Customer – Unable to Cast Object Error Opening Customer Form
Improved! Fixed. Wrong Customer Contact shows in the Sales Order form
Improved! Fixed. Customer – Contact from Previously Processed SO Shows Up in Other Customer New SO
Improved! Fixed. Customer Statement Run Email Filter issue
Improved! Fixed. Sales Order Reserved value not working
Improved! Fixed. Credit Info of Previously Opened Receipt Shows Up to Next Receipts
Improved! Fixed. Sales Order Reserved value not working
Improved! Fixed. Contact tab shows from previously open customer
Improved! Fixed. General Freight charge did not calculate in Sales Order


Improved! Fixed. Customer Statement Run Email Filter issue
Improved! Fixed.  Error in opening Activity and could not save changes


Improved! Fixed. Running the Auto PO Generate Utility and create PO's, the line numbers start off at 0 and not 1
Improved! Fixed. Quick Payment Run does not show Supplier Name
Improved! Fixed. Issue with Drop Ship Purchase Orders.
Improved! Fixed. Auto Generate Stored Procedure was pulling the description from the same location, just in a different view
Improved! Fixed. Importing Open Supplier Bills is not filling in the Tax, TaxRate, Freight, FreightRate, MiscExpense, or MiscExpenseRate fields
Improved! Fixed. Item Descriptions are not populating within the Auto PO Wizard
Improved! Fixed. Purchase Order Reservation Bug


Improved! Fixed. Saving a Build Assembly says "Record Already Exists"
Improved! Fixed. Set the build item assembly description to 1000.
Improved! Fixed. Updating or changing the value for "Show On Search" for Matrix Group does not update the Matrix items
Improved! Fixed. Incorrect Date posted in the Journal when creating new stock take

The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login into your account to continue to download the installer.

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